Oct. 6th, 2014

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Ever have one of those dreams that stick with you, even days after you had it? I never did. My best dreams and my worst dreams never linger more than the day I had them. I vaguely remember some of them now...dreams about teeth falling out are very freaky and driving when I was too young to drive tend to stick with me. And actually, I think both of them have the same sort of dream meaning -- things out of my control / me feeling out of control in my life...

Anyway, a few days ago, I had this awful dream. It started off innocently. I was using Find My iPhone to track my mother's cell phone. She was out with my siblings and we (me and my dad) were wondering where they were and when they would come home... Apparently in my dream, Find My iPhone has a function where you can turn on the camera and see and hear everything around the phone. My brother was driving on one of those elevated freeways and they were apparently in a traffic jam. And for some reason, there were no borders and all of a sudden, the cars around my brother's car started surging and they pushed one of the other cars off the freeway, sending it crashing down. The horror and fear in my brother's voice when he realized what happened is something that is still freaking me out. I've never even heard that voice before so I have no idea where my subconscious got it from... He kept yelling for someone to call 911 but before anyone could do so, everyone stuck in that traffic jam started to freak out and all started to move, trying to get away from that horrible fate happening to them. Of course, this causes more cars to be jolted off the freeway, one of them being my brother's car. All the while, with me and my dad watching it on the iPad. And the broken sound that came from my father as he realized his wife and two of his kids were probably dead was another sound I will never get out of my mind.

It was so horrifying... And of course, I woke immediately up from that dream, completely shaken. I was wide awake, and I felt like I never wanted to fall asleep again because that dream would be waiting for me... *shudders* And now I can't shake it. My mind keeps slipping towards it and because I'm actively trying to forget it, that just sends me back to thinking about it.

I really wish I could just have my good dreams. Why a nightmare? :( It's just not cool. And I don't even have nightmares generally. I think I've had a handful in the past decade. It's been several years since I even had a nightmare so maybe I was due? I just wish it wasn't so awful...


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