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So I got my matcha today! I ordered it over the weekend after buying yet another Starbucks iced green tea latte... Lately, I've been trying to taper off my coffee drinking so I've been interspersing my normal hazelnut macchiato with toffee nut instead of vanilla with iced green tea lattes. And it occurred to me that after that iced green tea latte went by wayyy too quickly, that this was something I could be making myself. It's not like my macchiatos that need a nice espresso maker to do it justice, it's just matcha, milk and simple syrup...

So instead of continually dropping $4 at Starbucks, I decided to buy some matcha and try it out. I've thought about it before but the price of matcha has always put me off... I mean, I bought my matcha from Stash and it was $18 for 30g...and from what I've seen, that's on the lower end for good matcha. Anyway, I've been anxiously awaiting my shipment of matcha ever since I ordered it since I knew it would get here relatively quickly after it shipped considering they're based in Tigard. But waiting for it to ship was driving me insane. How long does it take to package a small container of matcha? In the end, it was shipped yesterday, which I guess two days is pretty good turnaround time, and I got it today. And I immediately made my first glass of iced green tea latte.

It was good, really good. I'm not sure I was very good at getting it to dissolve though... I dissolved it in some hot water before adding sugar and milk but the milk was cold since I intended it to be on ice... Maybe I should have done it the way the Starbucks baristas do it, shake it in a shaker? But the matcha ends up on the bottom that way too so I'm not sure it would do much good.

I can't wait to have more of it. I only added a teaspoon of matcha and I still feel the buzz from the caffeine. I know it's not as big of one as I would get from coffee but it'll do. And the good thing about green tea lattes is the fact that it's pretty much all milk so I'm getting all the good stuff from it that I normally don't get because I don't drink milk. A little gas and bloating is nothing compared to the yumminess that you get from making your own green tea lattes.

The only bad thing about it is how there is... I knew 30g/1.06 oz. is a small amount but damn that little container of matcha is really small. It's cute, but tiny. And there's not that much of it... They say there's about 10-20 glasses there but considering I like my green tea lattes strong in the green tea flavor, I think it's gonna be more towards the lower end of things. Still, it's a better deal than buying that many lattes from Starbucks so at least I'm coming up ahead in that respect...


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