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I bought my first red onion recently.

I can't be the only one who has been a bit perturbed by a red onion. Or red cabbage for that matter. Or even red kohlrabi... Red vegetables that aren't normally red freak me out just a little bit. So I've spent most of my life avoiding them. I can't say I've ever had red onions before. Or red cabbage. Certainly not red kohlrabi.

But now I'm finding myself a little more adventurous when it comes to my foodstuff. And in the grand scheme of things, red onions aren't as freaky as some of the other foods out there -- blood pudding, for example, which I still can't stomach in my bun bo hue. Or in my congee for that matter. And fun fact -- it's apparently Cantonese people eat it all the time. Just not this Cantonese person. Sometimes I wonder how I would be like if my family had eaten it ever since I was a young kid, too young to know better or to be grossed out by it like how I was with tripe and chicken feet (both delicious). I could have grown up eating it, like it, and not have this weird inhibition towards it whenever I see it. But I didn't, why I have no idea since both my parents apparently enjoy it, and now I can never get over that first initial hurdle where I put something that I know is made of blood in my mouth, much less chew it and swallow it. *shudders* It's solidified pig's blood -- why would anyone do that to themselves?!

So when you compare red onions to blood, red onions are a far tamer food to try eating. Mostly, I just wanted to put onions in my sandwiches that weren't as strong as the normal yellow onions I use. And everything online tells me that if I wanted to eat onion raw, red onions are the way to go. So that's the way I went.

And oh my god, how good are they! It's like having all the yummyness of onions but without the lasting burn. And it certainly elevated my turkey sandwiches, which were good before, but are amazing now... Lately, I've been sprouting my own alfalfa sprouts (very easy and really quick too) so I've been doing alfalfa sprouts, honey smoked turkey, pepperjack cheese with oat-nut bread (my favorite because the protein). I've been using homestyle mayo, which I can't tell the difference from regular mayo besides the thickness of it, and course ground dijon mustard. That with a sprinkling of black pepper makes for a superb sandwich, chock full of protein. Did you know alfalfa sprouts are almost one half protein? I didn't but now I know. And now adding red onions to it just made my sandwiches so much better...

Mmm... I just had a sandwich and now just writing about it makes me want to have another... But two sandwiches is a bit overkill... >

on 2014-08-03 05:51 am (UTC)
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I love red onion! It's alright raw (especially compared to brown onions, as you discovered) - but I LOVE sautéed red onion. I could just eat sautéed red onion. I would get raw red onion in my take out from this person place; and stick it in the toaster oven at work. So amazing I can't even tell you. Even just microwaving it for a bit to soften it up .... Yummy.

on 2014-08-03 01:34 pm (UTC)
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For me, it's yellow onions all the way if you're talking about cooked onions. They're just so sweet when they're cooked that I can't resist them.

I'm not so sure about microwaving red onions though... I've recently taken to cooking the extra red onion I had (since a whole onion is too much for a couple of sandwiches) and tossing them into my pasta which is pretty good.


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