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Trying out this new LJ app for Android and I've got to say, it's a lot slicker than the old one. Although, I was perfectly fine with the old one since I didn't exactly use any of the extra features other than the journaling part of it. Still, I am a sucker for thongs that look good and this app definitely looks a lot better than the old one. Whether or not it works better remains to be seen since I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet.

So, lately I've been trying to stop habit of having late night snacks. I can help but think they are making me fat... But since I got into a routine of having a little something something every night before bed, now I feel like I'm starving during those couple of hours before I turn in.... :\ It's gonna take a bit getting to use to, that's for sure.

Last night, I had to restrain myself from making some ramen. Or a quick hot dog. I didn't even let myself have a granola bar. But I ended torturing myself by looking at food blogs, tempting myself with yummy foods I wasn't allowed to eat. In hindsight, that was a really stupid idea. But one of those foods was a broccoli salad, something I haven't had in years...

So preoccupied with this broccoli salad was I that I couldn't let it go, not even when I went to sleep. So I ended up making some for lunch. Broccoli, cashews, onions and bacon covered in a tangy, sweet mayo dressing -- it was glorious. I think I've satisfied my broccoli salad craving for at least another couple of years.

And in other news, fall TV has started premiering! So much new TV! But I still haven't caught up on old TV... Or even just summer TV... And now I have Netflix... There's just too much to watch and not enough time in the day. I don't think I can watch it all or even catch up. I'm probably going to have to stop my Netflix subscription and give up on a good number of shows that I'm not totally interested in.... :( I'm still wondering if I should finish Halt and Catch Fire (computer revolution in the 80s) or Manhattan (Manhattan Project)... They're good and all but I always feel like these sort of shows (not set in modern time) takes a bit more brain power to watch and really, I like my mindless entertainment. Frankly, I like entertaining TV and it always feels like these shows are always trying to say something. There's a reason I never finished the last two seasons of Mad Men (besides Lane killing himself T_T)...

We'll see... I'm gonna have to give setting up eventually...

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