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There's something about this year's NaNo... It feels different in every way. I feel more of afraid of my story but I'n also more excited to write. I can't say what I'm writing is any good (I'm pretty sure most of it is crap) but I feel like I'm doing better than I have in the past compared to where I'm at during the same time of the month... If that makes any sense. And it's not like I'm writing more or anything like that... I do about 1800 words, a little more than the daily quota. In the past, I would usually have built up a few days' cushion by now but not this year... Maybe that's keeping me from bot burning out so quickly? I don't know.

But not frantically trying to pad my word count means I've been able to do other things with my free time... Mostly I've been reading Kise/Kuroko raw doujinshi and watching Chihayafuru...

Raw doujinshi is AWESOME. Why have I never indulged before? And now, people are so good about putting out high quality scans... It's definitely helping my Japanese which is awesome. I just wish a lot of them weren't on tumblr... That place is exhausting trying to find download links.

As for Chihayafuru, I've just finished both seasons! It reminds me so much of Hikaru no Go, I couldn't help but fall in love with it. But it's also so freaking heartbreaking that it destroys me.

I mean, I like Arata. A lot. I seriously think Chihaya is in love with him too. And he likes her! And they love karuta together! It should be perfect...

But then there's Taichi! Who is always there! And the story makes you feel sorry for him. And since Arata is hardly ever there, Taichi is the one person you get to know. And I want him to be happy....

Ugh, that series... I'm not even sure how I want the manga to end anymore... Can't they all just be friends? :(

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