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So predictably, I've been really into Yuri!!! on Ice.

Like, since it first aired, I've been really into YOI. Even before it aired, when I was reading up on the next season's animes, I was like, I want to watch that. it wasn't like, I TOTALLY want to watch that, but it was curiosity and interest even before it aired. I mean, I like figure skating. I've always liked figure skating. My interest in the sport usually amounts to the Winter Olympics and the World Championships (sometimes the US Nationals if I catch it on TV) and I admit, it's waned a bit since the last Olympics, but that's really because there aren't that many Americans lately who are competitive in the sport and I'm probably patriotic to a fault and if I don't have a horse in the race, I lose interest very easily.

But an anime about figure skating? Dude, you know I would be so on that.

And I watched in amazement for those few months as YOI was airing. I mean, my first thoughts were "damn, they really know how to do fujoshi bait!" and I was hook, line, and sinker in love. Then episode 10 happened, and I could feel the end of the anime approaching and I panicked and didn't watch the last two episodes until Christmas, weeks after they aired. And then I let it go. I got back into Hikaru no Go for a while, got back into doujinshis, and I didn't think about YOI.

At the time, I had watched it once through. Didn't go back. I had mixed feelings about the show. I wasn't even sure Yuuri and Victor were a couple for most of the series. Was that a kiss? Was it not a kiss? Did he just freaking propose? Was he joking about it being an engagement? Seriously, I was confused as all hell. I wasn't sure there was enough there for a good couple, for a good relationship. There was an age gap, and I really dislike those, and Victor is a mentor, Yuuri's coach, and Yuuri was super in awe and basically worshiped the ground Victor walked on. That's so problematic. I wasn't even sure I wanted them together, could see them together, could see them lasting. And the pacing of the second half of the series was so rushed... It was competition after competition, small break, more jam packed competition. I really liked the series, but I couldn't say it was perfect. I couldn't say I loved it. I couldn't even say I was really all that interested it past watching it once.

And then the RedditGifts Anime Exchange happened in February. I made a MAL for the first time as a reference to my Santa and I guess one of the animes we had in common was YOI. Apparently, we didn't have much in common -- I like shounen works mainly, but shounen sports is really where my heart lies and most hardcore anime fans tend to skip that genre over entirely. At the time I rate YOI a nine which is pretty damn high for something I only watched through once. 10s are my absolute favorites, reserved for Hikaru no Go, Initial D, Major, ect. -- the big loves of my anime life and my current favorites like Yowamushi Pedal. 9s however, are series I really love, but are problematic favorites for some reason or another.

And as luck would have it, my Santa chose YOI as one of my gifts. So YOI was back in my mind. Perhaps that is why I finally decided to read some YOI fanfic, something I hadn't tried at all because of all those reasons why I wasn't sure about Victor and Yuuri being a good couple.

But you know what?

I'm weak.

And the YOI fandom is HUGE. Crazily HUGE for something that has only been around for a few months. So much work. I read almost exclusively on AO3 now, and the kudos some of those stories get were mind-boggling, especially for some of those stories that frankly didn't merit them.

But there was so much content and there's really nothing like an untouched fandom. I lost myself there, and have been lost for the past two months. Since then I've read so many fanfics. Am still reading so many fanfics. It's like never ending because there's updates, and new stuff, and it's a new fandom, a strong fandom that's constantly churning out stuff and wow, it's been a long time since I ever been a part of something like that.

And I can't even tell you how many times I've rewatched YOI now. Straight through, jumped around, I've done it all so many times now. Still am watching specific scenes as my interest in the series jumped around. I've fallen in love yet again. I've been convinced of the true love between Yuuri and Victor, problematic parts be damned. Pacing problems? Who cares about that?! Rather, isn't it amazing how MUCH they were able to stuff into those episodes? How little was said and yet how much was conveyed? Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but now I'm convinced it's genius!

I listen to the soundtrack over and over again. I bought a waterproof bluetooth speaker so I can listen to the soundtrack while I'm showering. I listen to it over and over again while I'm driving.

I've become a ravenous, crazed fangirl for this series and it's been awesome.

Even Yuuri and Victor hasn't been enough to contain my love. Leo/Guanghong is a great pairing too! So is Otabek/Yuri! Someone should write some good Emil/Mickey fic! I'll read anything! And in my crazed state, I stumbled into JJ/Yuri and oh my god, how quickly I fell for that pairing. It's been less than a month since I discovered this pairing and have only just emerged for air a few days ago.

From the very first story I read, I was so hooked. It made so much sense. And was hella interesting in a different way than Yuuri and Victor. I still really love that pairing (seriously, one of the more versatile pairings I've read in a while) but JJ and Yuri have that love/hate thing going on that has always captivated my attention. Plus, I just really love JJ. I mean, he's so over the top, but he's so good, and he has moments of doubt that can overtake him too! What's not to love? And of course, voiced by one of my favorite seiyuus -- Miyano Mamoru so that's always instant love. Of course he would be my second favorite character. (Victor occupies that number one place in my heart -- I mean, he's so pretty, and so good, and he's voiced by Suwabe Junichi, who is practically a god-level seiyuu in my mind.)

I'm at the point where I just read JJ/Yuri fics over and over again because I love this pairing so much. I've even bought doujinshi for it, and let me tell you, I probably spent way too much money on that. And will probably spend even more money on it soon. I'm currently at downloading every scanlated doujinshi for YOI I can possibly get my hands on. I've even made my way back onto Tumblr so I can ogle all those amazing YOI fanart... I don't even really like fanart!!!

And my JJ love is spilling over. JJ/Seung-gil, JJ/Otabek -- I haven't even touched those pairings yet and yet I can totallly see myself going there next.

I think I need help. But it's so good, and I just can't stop...

And god help me if there's ever a second season... I have no idea what I'll do then.

Probably self-combust and die.

Seriously, aren't I too old for stuff like this??? But if anything, it's made me feel incredibly young lately... Still, I'm not sure that's a good or bad thing.
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