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For a few hours it was looking so good... And then I started to install programs and on a restart after some installations, I am now getting stuck on the Welcome screen... It just spins and spins...and spins...


I am getting so tired of all of this...


And all I want to do today is watch Grimm! Ugh, I should have taken advantage of it all being good while I still could...


I suspect tomorrow will be yet another round of this crap... Fuck it, factory settings might be easier. I'm starting to become completely unglued by this so I think I'm just going to sleep and deal with it tomorrow...

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Updating my computer... Apparently trying to update 75 updates is impossible... So I'm trying to do it by fiscal quarters to make it more manageable...  It's slow going but once I'm done, it's onto 8.1, aka the bane of my existence the last few months.


This time I'm going to do it right... I mean, as much as it made my life so much more hard, it was a good update... They fixed a bunch of things that I didn't quite like in Win 8 so I do want it as it is supposed to work.


And hopefully when that works out (fingers crossed), I can finally work on getting all my programs back... I have so many... and once they're done, I can finally get rid of that huge Windows.old folder... (after I back it up, good thing I have a new external hard drive...)


I've been working on this for so long... I just want it to end...but I'll take slow and steady if that means no problems...


Why does it seem like I go through this every year? *sigh*

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I really need to learn from my mistakes... Ever since I updated to Windows 8.1, I've had nothing but problems. Updating it was a trial unto itself and I'm absolutely certain my laptop got messed up somewhere while I was trying to update it


And ever since then, even though it says I've updated it successfully, I've had little annoying problems like my graphics cutting out every so often... I could deal with the little bugs but then it started messing with my Updates... Every time I would try to Update, I would fall into this horrible loop of my laptop trying to update bit not quite getting there... I would install them, it would restart and that's when the problems would start. It gets stuck at the whole "Preparing your PC. Do not turn off." but it would never finish. Last time it was a huge ordeal for me to just get out of it and back into Windows but did I learn my lesson?


Of course not, I'm an idiot.


And now everything I do, I can't seem to start Windows again... System Restore fails. There are no start up problems despite all evidence to the contrary.


Thankfully, the one lesson I did take from my last horrible foray into trying to update is the fact that I should backup my data so at least I have that.


Now I've resorted to Refreshing my PC, which I've taken to mean everything gets reset to the beginning but you still get to keep your files. Hey, if it works, I'll take it... I'll gladly reinstall my programs (although some of them will be a bitch) if it means I can get back functionality of my laptop and I can keep my files...


My fingers are crossed. I've spent an entire night on this so I'm exhausted with very little sleep so hopefully when I'm done, it's one less thing I have to worry about during the day... It's already gonna be stressful enough without this this also looming over my head...

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How to sum up my day?


I hate Stanford.


That is all.

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When did they change the way LJ-cuts work? Because now instead of opening a new page, they just expand... I don't like it, not just because I'm generally resistant to change (although that is a large part of it) but because I use my LJ to read fic and I like reading a fic in a new page rather than directly on my flist... It just makes me think of all those times an author had messed up on an LJ cut and I had to read fic that had clutter all around it (nevermind that clutter is my flist and my own LJ)....


Is there a way to turn it off? Bring back to how it used to be? Because I would definitely be interested in something like that.

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I made hummus from scratch today. Just now in fact so it's really late night hummus. And while I generally make a lot of hummus, this time I went all the way and made it from dried chickpeas, a first for me.


One good thing about dried chickpeas? They're economical for one thing. For the price of a pound of dried chickpeas, I can make about three batches of hummus. That's less than what I usually pay for two cans, or two batches of hummus. And I can control the salt content. And then there's that pesky BPA thing that I always wonder if I should be concerned about...


But what's not so great about them? They take forever to cook. I soaked my dried chickpeas overnight (about 12 hours) and then I cooked them on low for 8 hours in a crockpot. I could have cooked them in a pot on the stove, but I didn't want to chance forgetting about them while they simmered for 3 hours...


I did a lot of researching online about how to cook them... Soak or no soak. Stove, crockpot, pressure cooker. Baking soda, no baking soda. Salt or no salt, that sort of thing. In the end I went with soaked in only water, clean water for cooking in the crockpot with both salt and baking soda. And I think it turned out well.


And then I made the hummus. When the chickpeas were done cooking, a lot of the skins were falling off and I thought about deskinning them. I heard that makes for a much more smooth, luxurious hummus but I felt lazy and didn't do it. I mean, I don't even do it for the canned so it's not like I'm typically used to deskinned chickpea hummus. But now I wonder...


Because I wan't using a single can of chickpeas, my measurements were a bit off the entire way through it. I used less garlic (I like a ton of garlic in my hummus) and less tahini. I was really timid with the seasoning and spices. And in the end I have this hummus that seems not what I'm used to. It's smooth and has the consistency I like but the mouthfeel is wrong. The flavor is wrong. It's just strange. And it's not like it's bad. It's just different.


It feels meatier, if that makes sense. It tastes heavier, and definitely nuttier. I think that's how chickpeas are supposed to taste but I can't say I've had a non-canned version of them before to compare it to. And my hummus is warm, which is definitely not what I'm used to. I heard chickpeas are better off warm when being mashed for hummus so I only allowed them to cook for a little bit before starting on the hummus. Maybe after I let it sit in the fridge overnight, it'll be better... The flavors will meld and it could be a completely different dish...


Usually my hummus is strong on the garlic and lemon. I also like a fair amount of cumin, less so on coriander. I try not to use too much olive oil since I like to drizzle it on top. Same with paprika, though there's always a little bit of both within the hummus. But this time I was afraid of going overboard and overwhelming the natural flavor of the chickpeas. But now I'm not sure I like the natural flavor of chickpeas! OTL


Oh well, even if I don't love it tomorrow, I already know I don't hate it today. And maybe the next batch will be more my style now that I've made it once. I still have plenty of chickpeas left...

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I don't know why it's taken me this long to connect the British national anthem God Save the Queen with My Country Tis of Thee but it has. Man, it's a mind trip! Now everytime I hear it, I think it's a song for children rather than that awfully familiar tune that I can't quite place...


Whose idea was it to set a children's song, a patriotic one for Americans no less, to the tune of another country's national anthem anyway? I mean, geez, it's like a love song to America... Was this an intentional dig at England? I can't imgine it wouldn't be... But that's so disrespectful... :\


I think I would have preferred to not have connect the two songs... Damn you, Wikipedia...


Anyway, feeling better today. I contacted the manufacturers of the security system and they've concluded that I did everything right in trying to forward the ports. And that the problem must either be the router or the ISP. Next step is to have them forward it for me so hopefully they can do that easily and everything will finally work as it's supposed to.


I ended up with about six hours of sleep since I woke up for diving. But I skipped the men's gymnastics all around finals. I'm watch NBC's primetime cover of day four right now so I imagine it'll be covered somewhat tonight. If anything major happens (like Uchimura Kohei's fall/dismount during the team competition), I can always replay it online later...


But with a little bit more sleep than the last couple days, two cups of coffee, and validation that I wasn't fucking up the setup for remote access, I feel good. I'm still tired but it's gotten a bit familiar now. And Ryan Murphy finally released the Box scene from Glee. My God, that along would have lifted me from the lowest of doldrums... I may not be as obsessed as I was with either Glee or Klaine (part of me just died using that portmanteau), but it still was pretty awesome. Definitely worth some major squeeage.


All in all, not a bad day. But anything would have been better than yesterday...

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Watching Darren do his acoustic set on Tuesday (via YouTube since I unfortunately don't live in LA) has made really realize how much I enjoy It's Over Now from Little White Lie.

I bought the track a while back as a way to use up some free Amazon MP3 credits even though I remembered it being overly processed and edited from the web series. It's Darren's voice since the guy in the show couldn't sing so they had to mask his natural voice to suit someone else's character.

But it's been playing on my Darren playlist and slowly, I've grown really into the lyrics. And hearing Darren sing it in his real voice? Forget about it! So incredibly yummy!

Now I just need an MP3 copy of it in his real voice. But to my knowledge, he's never recorded it and the only versions out there are from his live concerts... Now how do I go about finding a copy of the song, but with only a bare minimum of audience singing? Because from what I've seen, his lives seem to be a free for all when it comes to sing-a-longs... And his fans always sing. Always. Unless he asks them not to during Teenage Dream.

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Whooo!!!! We won!!!


The Rose Bowl is ours!!!!


Considering we haven't won it since like 1917, it's been a long time coming...


But I ALWAYS had faith that we would emerge on top!


This is the first Pac-12 bowl win and I'm so glad we didn't fall like the rest of them. And now we have Stanford vs Oklahoma State and hopefully we'll be able to pull off another Pac-12 win tonight.Ooo

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Damn, I dropped my phone and I managed to nick it on the touch screen... :(


It's rather noticeable, especially if you're looking for it and right now I'm always looking for it. :(


It really bums me out since I hate it when my stuff gets hurt or broken. Not to mention this phone isn't even half a year old yet... *sigh*


I guess it's not so bad on a dark background and only really apparent on a white background but still... It really bothers me and I don't like it...


Why did I have to drop my phone???




What a way to ring in the New Year... Should I take this as an omen?

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So today is a miserable day... But yesterday was a miserable day as well and arguably it's been miserable since Christmas Day. There's something fundamentally disheartening about looking up your 10 day forecast and seeing rain for every single day. OTL


That being said, at least today isn't as foggy or as rainy as yesterday... It was truly horrible yesterday and I ended up just napping the day away, the gloomy weather just sapping up all my energy to do stuff.


Yesterday had been meant to be a sort of catch up on sleep day but it ended up not being the best nap even if my dreams have been unusually engaging lately... I woke up with a splitting headache that lingered as a dull pain for the rest of the day. And come to think of it, I have a slight pain in my head now...


I think it's a dehydration headache though. Lately my sodium intake has risen considerably and I have been drinking as much water as I should be. I'm generally in a constant state of thirst anyway but lately it's gotten worse as it seems everything I eat has a dehydrating effect... Why must sugar and salt be so bad for you? Or caffeine that I like extra sweet? *sigh*


So today I'm taking extra care to hydrate myself, taking sips of water whenever I can. Maybe I can restore a bit of equilibrium...


Anyway, Christmas was good. We did cherng fun for lunch which was delicious and surprisingly filling... I was so incredibly stuffed afterwards. We gambled a bit after that but me and my father were the only ones who ended up ahead... In the end, I was up by $45 which is quite re!sonable if I do say so myself...especially considering I was only intending on playing $5 and losing it.


After that, Kent got a bit fed up at losing real money so we switched it up to Wits and Wagers, a new game I got this Christmas from Kent that I've been eyeing for more than a year now. We ended up playing with the parentals (by translating the questions and cherry-picking ones they would know) and it was hilarious! Definitely a game for lots of people...


But that wasn't the only game we got this Christmas... There was also Scattergories, the Asia map expansion to Ticket to Ride, two different types of Munchkins, another Killer Bunnies expansion, Race for the Galaxy and Egizia... They all are a lot of fun but with so many games, it was hard to work them all in... Hopefully they'll all get some more love eventually.


In other news, Darren is in two different magazines, one of which I know I can't get since it's EW. And this time, I don't even have a Kent in Seattle to pick me up a copy... T_T But at least I'll eventually be able to get the Teen Vogue one... I'm collecting so many magazines because of this guy...


And in sports news, today is the Alamo Bowl between Washington and Baylor. I'm hoping this will be the Pac-12's first bowl win since we're kinda 0-3 right now. I know Washington is supposed to lose spectacularly since the Heisman winner is their QB but I'm hoping it won't be a slaughter. This is supposed to tie me over until the Rose Bowl where I have complete confidence in Oregon.


I'm looking forward to it... At least it's something to do today outside of hoping for more fanfics and FV...

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I just tried the mobile version of LiveJournal on my phone and you know what? I think I prefer the actual website. I appreciated the idea of have a stripped down, smaller version of the site but really, it's easier reading things on my flist if I use the actual site. The mobile version has me expanding things all the time and clicking things (and it has ads!) and it annoys the hell out of me.


Well, the snow is really coming down now. It started off light and slow but it's not so much now. I love it but I suspect it'll be gone by this time tomorrow since it's supposed to change to rain in the morning...


Now I'm going to nap to try and ignore the fact that I'm freezing because there's no heat... I'm sorta watching River Monsters so hopefully I'll fall asleep with Jeremy Wade's voice in my head...

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So, I'm watching the Steelers vs. Browns game even though I hate the Steelers and I think the Cleveland Browns suck (and considering I'm a Seahawks fan, that's pretty sucky). Aside from kinda but not really imagining Blaine might root for the Browns and kinda hoping they pull a miracle and defeat the Steelers (because I hate them) I have no interest in this game.


Yeah, that's how bored I am.


I woke up today thinking my pillow was awesome (which actually doesn't happen all that often at all) and I burrowed my head back into it, not wanting to get up at all. Despite that, I didn't regret watching all that late night Inside the Actor's Studio...


Still, I've been pretty dead for most of this day, which seems to have crawled by... It's one of the longest days I've had in a while... And I can't believe it's only 6:30... Ugh...


But I did get a chance to play a bit of the new Harvest Moon game. It's very much like the previous versions of it but at the same time, it feels very managable since they've basically split farming and husbandry. I do wonder if I'm not meant to be visiting the other town and growing crops even though I've declared my allegience to Bluebell... Oh well, maybe I'll take a trip over there the next rainy day...


I also have the new Layton game to play. I've watched the beginning cut scenes which tells me it's basically a prequel to the Layton trilogy. Still, I'm not too concerned about it since I still have yet to finish Unwound Future (Time? I seriously don't know what it's called). I'll get to it eventually...I think...

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Appenently my vow to not watch or read spoilers completely comes unglued when it comes to Sectionals and a Kurt/Sebastian smackdown. And when it comes to Blaine.





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Damn you Sims Social for knowing my weak spot! I was quite happy mot playing you since I have no more free time but now you offer us a Japanese theme?! And a maneki neko?! Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with maneki nekos!!!


Ugh, when am I going to be able to find enough time to pass this stupid Quest? :(

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So, it's an SEC showdown Saturday between #1 LSU and #2 Alabama...


What a huge game for both of them!


I shall be rooting against LSU since I still hold a grudge against them ruining Oregon's chances at a repeat appearance in the National Championship... As it is, I worry about Stanford taking our place at the Rose Bowl which would suck even more.


But it feels weird to be rooting against LSU because that means I'm rooting for Alabama. Never did I ever thought I would be rooting for the Crimson Tide... For one thing they're in the SEC and I think everyone not part of the SEC is obligated to hate them. But even more than that, I hate their style of football. It's just so boring! And I hate the bias for SEC schools...They think they're so good... It really doesn't help that on top of that there's also a West Coast bias against us so it's like every game we lose to them just proves the point that they're better than us... The only way a Pac-12 school can even make it to the National Championship is if they're undefeated like we were last year. It's just so unfair!


And it's Alabama... I try never to root for Southern anything, just on the principle of things so this kinda hurts me. It would be nice if they could end in a tie like in the NFL but I don't know if they have ties in college football...


Anyway, enough talk of sports. I'm doing well on my NaNo writing today which is amazing because with all the spoilers for the most amazing episode of Glee popping up, it's amazing I've been able to concentrate at all.


I don't know, it feels like I've been waiting for a moment like this since I started watching the show... As a slasher, it's like Christmas come early because it's an established canon couple, something you wouldn't have even dared to imagine would happen back in the day... I mean, Brothers & Sisters did a pretty good job with Kevin and Scotty but aside from them, I can't remember who else we've seen like this...


I'm just really, really excited. I need more and thankfully, tomorrow is First Listen Friday! Yay! And then hopefully we'll get another promo or two in between now and Tuesday...Not that the first promo is amazing... I've taken to rewatching it several times a day and even the thought of it makes me grin.


Ugh, this wait is unbearable... Why can't it be Tuesday already?! And do I have this right? This episode is going to air an hour later? :( I really don't want to wait even more for it! So not cool... *sigh*

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I woke up today feeling like crap but it seems like a common occurance now. *sigh*


And I found out that the East Coast is having a freak October snow storm. I'm so jealous now. Here it's deceptively sunny and clear that you almost don't notice the fact that it's freezing as hell. Except you do because it's really cold! If it's going to be this cold, I much rather be enjoying it with snow...


I think I'm going to spend the day lazing (lazying? Damn the lack of spellcheck on this app!) around. I'll watch some Merlin, play some FV, read lots of Kurt and Blaine fics... Eventually I'll have to hit Wal-Mart for some meds...if the store is going to be open 24 hours, I feel like the pharmacy should be opened late too... That would really help.

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Yikes, a pen (I suspect Diana since who else would have a pen in one of their pockets?) got into the wash.


Thankfully my clothes are relatively unscathed... The casualties seem largely confined to my sister's clothing (that poor white blouse...) and unfortunately there are also small specks on my Mother's clothing...


Oh well, it can't be helped now. Hopefully the ink will come out in future washes...


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People think they're doing good by letting racists side is an okay action if they're doing for the greater good. I completely disagree with that line of thought. We keep letting them get away with thinking that if we know who we are inside but not flaunt it that we're just being practical, that we're grounded in reality because it's a cruel harsh world that we're living in that will not change through the efforts of one person.

Now I understand that and in some ways, I even agree to a certain point. But what I disagree is that one person may not be able to make a difference, but they certainly won't if they don't try and change people's perceptions. That makes you as bad as all the ignorant people out there because you're enabling them, allow them to think such behavior is okay. We can never get to a point where all people are treated fairly if these people within our group is silently validating these people's actions.

At best people are being ignorant when they say such things like "Where did you come from?" or "Your English is very good." But it's still offensive and it makes me like shit. I don't make assumptions that you weren't born in America or that you have crappy English so I'll thank you to have the same courtesy. Is that really so much to ask?

I really hate racist people. Ignorant people who don't realize they're being racist also bug me. But today, I'm more disappointed in people like my sister who doesn't seem to get that she's part of the problem. It's people like her that isolates and divides people more than they try to bring them togetherr. In her line of thought, the battle has alreay been lost and there's no point in trying to better things. Maybe there's no hope for my generation but refuse to be a party to destroying the hopre for future generations. Things have been getting better, we have made progress. I may not have made a sizable difference in this fight but I sure as hell refuse to condone the perpetuation of the status quo. If you're not part of the change, you're part of the problem. I've always believed that and never more than I do today.

Diana, she makes me want to weep. She'll never know how disappointed I am of her.

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