Jan. 2nd, 2006

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Has this always been a holiday? The post office is closed...the banks are closed...half the shops in this town are closed...

Have I just never noticed the fact that there was an "observance of the new year" Day all these years?

Huh, I wonder.

So today I find myself with free time as Masha hasn't written me today. Are you that sick? Ah, I hope you feel better Masha!!! But if you're so sick that you're bed-ridden and can't get a letter out to me, it's probably doubtful that you'll see this entry... :(

Yesterday, I went crazy!

Like I said in my last post, I really did it and used the recipe translated by SC and made Japan #2!

Suihanja Pan!

And it didn't suck! It actually tastes like pan! Actually, I messed up a little... :( I added the extra egg as the recipe suggested and it became too liquidly so I had to add more flour but neglected to add in extra sugar or salt so it turned out to be neither sweet or salty and ended up rather plain.

But there was a hint of sweetness to it that kinda teases you because then you think if you eat more, it'll become sweeter but it doesn't at all and you end up quite disappointed.

I find dipping it in sweetened condensed milk makes it especially yummy though.

Next time I make it, I think I would opt for no egg because the egg gave the break a semi-cake consistency to the end project and I think if there were no egg, it might just be more bread like (not that it wasn't because it was definitely bread). If I put egg in, I think I need to add more sugar and that would make a really nice sweet bread.

But I surprised! I never actually thought that it would work! Would would have thought, a bread made in a rice cooker! And it looked like the pictures of it too! Now I want to experiment with this recipe some more and have fun with it. :)

The only drawback is that this took me over five hours to make from beginning to end. *dies* Two hour to rise, three hours to cook in the rice cooker. *shakes head* Ah, definitely you need a lot of time to make this. I started around 4 PM and I finished around 9:30 PM I think... :\

And while enjoying my pan, my sister and I had a 1 Litre of Tears marathon.

OH MY GOD. I heard this show was sad. I knew it would be sad and I knew I would be bawling before it was over. But I was not in any way prepared to cry that much. I think watching that show, I must have cried a litre of tears! So sad! So depressing! So beautiful! I was crying even during the not technically sad parts too! What the hell?! Even the happy, good parts I was in tears. And episode eight, I literally BAWLED through the entire thing. It wasn't even like tears were just running down my face, it was full on crying, with the runny nose, the hitched breathing and the cries of sadness... It was terrible.

But such a wonderful show! I can't wait to see the end of it.

I made my sister stop at the end of episode nine because while I did have episode 10, I didn't have the last episode. It wasn't released on the 24th when I left NYC so I didn't get a chance to download it yet. Now we are desperately trying to download episode 11 on our crappy dial-up connection.

God damn Charter. *shakes fist* Tomorrow they're sending out a guy to check why we're not able to online at our new house with the cable high speed internet connection. Otherwise, this episode would have been ours by now.

And from what I saw of little teaser for episode 10, I think we'll really need the last episode to comfort us. I have no idea how this show ends but I hope it'll be a terribly horrible one. *crosses fingers*


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