Jan. 5th, 2006


Jan. 5th, 2006 01:38 am
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The guy actually showed up this time and he fixed everything. I have one thing to say after he revealed what was wrong --- builders and independent contractors suck.

So yeah, apparently the guy who came over on Friday was not employed by Charter but is a contractor and apparently he should have done a lot more than just fiddle around outside and drop off the stuff...

And apparently, one of our cable pugs is totally dead. The guy opened it up and it was freaking cut. That damn builder.

But after everything, we know have high speed internet! Even if all I have in this house is a mattress (newly bought, don't even have sheets for it or even the frame set up yet), a Kimeru poster and a HnG wallscroll, I want to live here! I think tomorrow, I might just grab some of my stuff and start living in this empty house.

So after the guy left and I was left alone in this empty house, I proceeded to download all the episodes that I had missed while I was stuck on dial-up. *laughs* You can really download a lot in just a couple hours...

Around two-ish, I started getting hungry... Since this is a new house, there isn't any food here and I had left home without eating breakfast... At that time, it would have been about seventeen hours since I had last eaten anything so I was starving... It got so bad that I did a bad thing and ate one of the fruit offerings... ^^;;; You know those plates of fruit Chinese people have in their houses that are intended to be offerings to the gods? I stole a tangerine and eat it... I felt so bad afterwards...like I would cursed by the gods from that moment afterwards.

But then my brother came and got me a burrito from El Rinconcito (love that place!) and I had food and it was all good. It was a fried pork burrito, even though I usually get spicy pork instead. Anyway, I am so gonna hit El Rinconcito at least two more times before I go. God, I can't get enough of their burritos.

Damn, I am really loving this internet connection! It's even better than at my dorm (god damn RCN *shakes fist*) and not only that, but we get good connectivity and green circles! Ah, I love love love this connection!

Tomorrow, me and my sister are going to go yum cha and then visit our grandparents with my dad and possibly the older aunt and uncle tagging along. I don't care -- I get food and money out of it! And we'll be picking up a router so both me and my sister can use this internet connection.

Ah, I can't wait. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day. :)


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