Jan. 11th, 2006

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Gah, what is with this constant rain for the last week? It's getting really depressing! I mean, what kind of winter is this -- rain for a week and it's not like slow, tepid rain either, it's constant rainfall... For the last day, I don't think it's paused at all! Let's not talk about Seattle and their 24 hours of rain, let's talk about Hood River and ours!

No matter how I think about it, this is rather strange. I mean it should be colder (not that every winter it's not getting warmer), we should have some snowfall in January and there should be this much rain. We do get a lot of rain but this much is ridiculous. I'm starting to get stir crazy here since the only thing I can do right now is just wait it out by keeping myself busy online.

At least today there'll be something to do. I'm going out to Portland since my older uncle and aunt are going back to China and then my mom and I are going shopping for stuff for me to bring back to New York.

Seeing as I have nothing I want to bring back to New York (aside from some dried shrimp), I have no idea why I even agreed to go. But hopefully I'll get some food out of it and that shopping isn't hell. I'm not all too fond of shopping...

And it's early. I couldn't sleep well because I slept early (though 3:30 AM is probably considered late for some people but I slept at 6 AM the night before so for me, early) and because it was early, I couldn't sleep. And now I've woken up at 8:30 AM and it's early and while I wasn't really asleep, I would like to be.

Ugh, I wish something had been updated since I've been asleep! No new email, no new fanfics chapters, no new anime fansubs released that I've been following... :( I peeked into an OT5 story and realized, yes, I really don't like that pairing at all.

Although, I've been thinking about my own convoluted PoT romance story myself but with very distinct couples... Polygamy is something I could never write. It just feels wrong, kinda like incest and pedophilia. *shudders* I may like slash, but I feel like a prude half the time with the stuff people come up with in the fandoms...

Okay, mother is finally awake so we can get going. In an hour, one pair of uncle and aunt are gone! But there's still one pair left after this...

But I'll be leaving soon anyway. *makes a face* This semester will be hell...

...especially since I've decided to go back to MolecCell... I'm an idiot, you don't need to tell me yourself. *sigh*


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