Jan. 18th, 2006

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My dorm room is making creepy sounds..

There's a constant creaking noise from my closet. The floor under my desk is making a soft creaking noise. My desk itself is making expansion noises. There's a weird rumbling sound that you had hear in my bathroom. Overall, it's really creepy and it's scaring the hell out of me... :(

I think it's the wind... It's gusting at about 25-45 mph and I think the building is moving with it... :\

All in all, it's way too early for strange noises... Xiao said it woke her up at 5 AM and she tried to find out what it was and concluded that it was from inside the walls. As for me, I woke up half an hour early, heard it and couldn't get back to sleep.

Damn it, it's raining isn't it? But if the winds are that strong today, my umbrella might as well be useless! It's just gonna flip and flip and flip again. Man, now I wonder if it'll even be helpful to bring the damn thing.

Okay, the sounds from outside and the way it looks scares the hell out of me too. It's sooo windy and the weather is so bad and my room is creepying me out from the inside... I just saw a plastic bag get tossed around like it was nothing...well, actually, kinda like a dead balloon... I don't want to go out there and I don't want to be here. :\


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