Jan. 29th, 2006

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Everyone, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I am going to make some of my taro root cake and my turnip cake and eat it for lunch and then head out to Mott and Bayard for festivities. But alas, I'll be going alone... :( Xiao's busy, all my other Chinese friends live close to NYC so they're HOME where they should be (I envy them! Food~!). And my non-Chinese friends don't care so Sherry will be wandering Chinatown alone... :( It's supposed to rain in a couple of hours so I'm a bit concerned but I'll bring an umbrella and hope that I won't be soaked.

Anyway, I woke a little late tonight, after having slept late last night... It did tick me off that Xiao was basically making date plans at 5 AM while I was trying to sleep... :\ Talk about annoying! And freaky! I do not need to know that she'll be heading over to his apartment after classes tomorrow. Ugh, I do not want to know what they're gong to be doing. Anyway she's asleep now and I doubt she'll be awake soon.

Ah, I've got to make food soon if I want to get to Chinatown in time. I'm hoping for a good Chinese New Year and I will you all the same! :)


Jan. 29th, 2006 08:08 pm
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Would it be bad if I just went to sleep right now? It's not even 8 PM yet... :\

So I went to the CNY celebration in Chinatown today... There were so many people! Thousands and thousands, of every race imaginable but mostly Chinese. I left kinda late so I was a bit far away from the firecrack display... :( And I couldn't see the stage AT ALL. As people moved around, I did get to see some of the guests on the stage... *shrugs* I'm a little short, so it was hard.

The firecrackers weren't as loud as I thought they would be but they were still very cool! People were popping those confetti rolls/cannons everywhere and I got so much of it in my hair... A few actually had a couple of red parachutes fly out that had a red banner flying from it proclaiming good luck for new years and I so wanted to catch one... But alas, I was parachuteless.

When things ended, the parade of dragons were starting and everyone started migrating over to see them. I was actually planning on leaving but there was just no way to get out of the crowd. I actually got pushed and prodded all the way down a street opposite of the direction I wanted to head! >.> It was not fun. But then I started to go along with it and decided to follow the dragons around a bit...

There were so many people around and the lion dancers were all confused and disjointed. They couldn't move down the street because the crowds of people had migrated into the street and were crowding them. I was one of those people too... ^^;;; Eventually they had to bring out long red poles to usher people out of the way and to make a space for the lion dancers to move.

Then it started to rain really hard and I had forgotten my umbrella (ironic that I had talked about it in my last post and still ended up forgetting it) so when the raindrops started to out number the confetti, I decided to leave. I still ended up getting soak.

And now I'm tired. I slept too late and woke up too early so I'm all tired out. :( And right now I haven't had an official dinner yet. But I've been eating BIG Wheat Thins with Boursin and I've devoured a whole box of each so I think I don't want to actually eat dinner. ^^;;; Yes, I know that's bad of me -- think of the fat, the carbs, the disbalanced meal! And for a CNY Day meal, it's pretty sad too. But since today is supposed to be vegetarian, no animals were killed to make my meal today! Their milk has been used but that's about it. And it's not like it's vegan day. :)

Hey, I love Boursin, so I don't care. I'm also drinking a melon ramune. Yummy! I found them in M2M and never knew they were there... I also got the blue one but I'm gonna save it for a later date...

Gah, tired. I think I might just watch the latest episode of Major and then go to sleep. I finished my MolecCell homework, even if I don't know to do 2a at all, I'm pretty good for tomorrow.

edit x1: Ah, it's just as I thought. Major is the best! ^^ I love the good feeling of a good episode watched and Major definitely is a very satisifying anime. I'm so glad it went to another season and that Minor Ja Nai is putting out such fast fansubs. Ah, I wonder how many episodes this show will have? I don't want it to end again!

I do love the sports animes. This seems like a definite genre of anime that I love. ^^ I don't care if this season is more baseball oriented (as it's already seeming like it is) -- I like it still.

Oh, a new episode of GBK was released! ^^
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God, I am in such a high right now! I love fangirling induced highs -- they really are the best! First Major sent me spiralling up and then I went and downloaded all the chapters of HwD that I had missed and caught up on those. Sooo good! I missed this pairing! I missed Kato and I missed Iwaki. This will always be a beloved yaoi manga for me. Seriously, how could anyone not love this. Sure, it's Youka Nitta and her stories tend to be a bit too sex charged but the characters are so wonderfully developed. *sigh* I seriously love this series. ^^

And god, 11-2b totally killed me! Onozuka is right, it is quite a sight to see Katou getting fucked breathless. I missed seme!Iwaki and the way his character has been developing in last couple of volumes was a bit alarming... But to see that that he can have cold, hard eyes and to see some of that good old Iwaki strength that drew me to him back in the early volumes make me what to squee.

It's only 11 PM. I could so go and reread this entire series tonight! ^^


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