Feb. 1st, 2006


Feb. 1st, 2006 01:26 am
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It scares me that some people are younger than my brother out there...

I mean, my brother has always been my definition of "young" because he is four years younger than I am... But to think that there are actually people out there who are my brother's age and younger... O.O There are kids born in the 90s emerging! The 90s!

It's mind-boggling. Now I feel kinda old... I'm not even 21 yet! But god, the fact that I'm turning 21 this year freaks me out... Dun dun dun. When did I become 20?! O.O Oh my god, I'm 20 years old?!

I think I've had too much sugar, Orgo practice problems (which I don't think I'm going to fail at tomorrow but getting a 10/10 is not very possible unless it's very easy) and not enough sleep if this is bothering me now.

Now, I'm going to take a shower and go to sleep. It's too late and while I have a later class, it's still a good idea to go to sleep sometime soon... Need sleep...want sleep... I actually dozed off studying for Orgo for like an hour so that helped the headache but now I'm a bit hazy... Need sleep... Can't rest... So much work...when did it start to pile up on me like this?! I don't understand it at all. It was okay this weekend and then all of a sudden, it wasn't. :( I hate how school does that to you.

Oh, some more Ekin songs that I uploaded for Diana-chan but since they're up, might as well offer them to the world. Well, not really. But on the off-chance that someone finds this journal while these songs are still up, I'll feel good that I have helped them on their search for a long sought after song. :)

鄭伊健 - 心照
鄭伊健 - 天氣的錯
鄭伊健 - 只會因你唱

Track 05 (second song), actually was the song that sent me hunting for more Ekin songs... It was uploaded by [livejournal.com profile] ames_909 a bit back and I fell in love and went and got the entire ablum. ^^
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Man, I'm so buzzed. I had coffee for lunch and now I'm all hyper. But I'm awake! And I understood my MolecCell lecture! Yay for understandage! Whohoo!

Again, I'm in the computer lab. I practically live here during my breaks now. And I just printed off like 100 pages of stuff. *laughs* I'm going to start feeling bad soon... The problem is that I print off a lot of stuff (and so do many people too), but I do that every time I come here and I come here like every day so it gets compound to make it even worse.

I have a quiz in two hours but during that time I will have another class so it's not like I can actually study... Unless I hid in the back but with a class of like 50 or less, it's not like it's big enough to hide in, even sitting in the back. Plus, it's a bit of an interactive class so that doesn't help it either.

Man, when I fall after the the caffeine in the coffee runs out, it's not going to be pretty. But there's so much work and so little time. Tomorrow is a huge ass kanji quiz for Japanese (does she really expect us to know ALL the sound readings???), plus a good chuck of Japanese homework due (plus a small essay!!!), not to mention I still have lab reports... It all sucks because midterms start in like two weeks and they will never end because once the first round of science midterms end, it's normal classes' midterms time, and once those are through, it'll be the second round of sciences. I think, then we have spring break. And then another around of midterms following that. And then after that, finals. And you can litter the Japanese chapter tests, plus papers due during all of these times.

Gonna kill myself with all this work...gonna die under the strain... That actually makes a nice song. ^^

So I've got half an hour. I'm going to go and work on my Japanese essay, of which, I've only got the introduction written out. It's like ”私の冬、家へ帰りました。たくさん時間が有って、たくさんねました...゛It's not exactly the best start because I already don't know what else to say...It's not like you actually spend a winter break doing stuff aside from lounging around and sleeping. At least I don't. I'm not even sure how to incorporate all the grammar structures they want because then I'll have to start making up stuff and not really talking about what actually happened during my winter... I wonder if I should say "my winter vacation"...? It would probably make more sense. Ah ha! More kanji used! Yay! ^^


Feb. 1st, 2006 11:27 pm
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An NYU professor was stabbed today afternoon in Washington Square Park, with a screwdriver.


And I was on campus all day too. Sure, I was in classes all day, but I didn't hear sirens or anything...

I'm surprised though. If you wanted to stab someone, why would you use a screwdriver of all things?

They aren't releasing the professor's name... Whomever he is, he has my best wishes... I hope it wasn't any of my professors but I really doubt that it could have been one of mine. There are like a ton of professors here that for it to be one of mine would be pretty unlikely. But still, I hope he gets better... To get stabbed by screwdriver must suck.

But yay for all the New Yorkers in the park that helped him and detained the guy who stabbed him!


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