Feb. 11th, 2006

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Twenty episodes of War of In Laws really does make you love Bosco. I didn't really think much of him before in the earlier episodes but he's not that bad. And seeing Liza Wang (that's her name, right?) in a TVB comedy is fun too. God, all the sad crying moments from this show is really driven by her. Myolie may be able to cry so well, but Liza was the one who really made me feel for her and cry for her. This show wasn't perfect but definitely a good watch.

My next TVB drama? Revolving Doors of Vengeance -- the big budgeted show for 2005! People say it's a lot like Golden Faith, another big budgeted TVB show from a few years back. I loved Golden Faith so I'm hoping Revolving Doors of Vengeance will be great as well. ^^ It's only 30 episodes, unlike Golden Faith's 45 but hopefully after my midterms are over, it'll be a wonderful 30 episode ride.

Ah, there's just something about TVB dramas that are so nice and simple. :)


Feb. 11th, 2006 01:42 pm
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I knew hockey was...violent but girls' hockey is surprising violent... o.O

I mean, I wasn't even consciously aware that girls hockey even existed... But I turned on USA today and it's U.S vs. Switzerland and seeing all the penalties that the U.S was accruing... o.O Definitely an aggressive a team...

Apparently our arch nemesis is Canada. *laughs* Makes sense I guess considering the Canadian's obsession on hockey. Didn't they mention last night that their new PM is writing a history of hockey or something like that? Well, I will hope for U.S gold as I always do. If the U.S make it that far, I will watch the final match. :) Out of all the pro games out there, I know the least about hockey but hopefully a good hockey anime will come out and I will gravitate towards it and learn more about the game. After all, that's what I did with football and soccer.

Oh! The nest "egg" A.G Edwards commercials are seriously hilarious. I love the huge egg -- it's just so cute!

And the song Samishii, Samishii from Sen to Chihiro is too cute! I love the line "tabetai tabetai kimi tabchattaino." Tell me that isn't precious! ^^

edit x1: 5-0? *winces* Man, Switzerland is dying out there...

edit x2: Canada's team is scary.... O.O Already two goals? Sorry, three goals. I know nothing about Italy's strength but I can see why the U.S is going to have an uphill battle agaisnt Canada... Somehow I think it'll be like Salt Lake again...
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Orgo, oh my god, orgo...

*wants to die*

Fourteen mechanisms in ONE chapter alone! What the fuck?! Shall I kill myself now? My mind can remember all the subtleties of fourteen different reactions!

How do other people do it...? :(


Feb. 11th, 2006 03:57 pm
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Well, our "blizzard" for this weekend has just started. It looks like a mix of snow and rain though....

I think it was a bad idea to schedule a meeting for to plan out our Japanese oral for 6:00 today... Hopefully we'll be back before it gets really icky...

I hate chapter 19 so I'm procrastinating... I think in the next couple of hours, you'll be seeing more and more short little posts as I take breaks from memorizing my mechanisms... I never seem to get that when a nucleophile attacks, it doesn't just kick off a leaving group -- it attaches and then the electrons from the bond have to move to the leaving group and in doing so kicks it off. Must get that into my head! I keep writing it as nucleophile attack and the LG leaves but it has to attached and I have to show the electrons moving towards the positive charge or else I'll probably lose points...

edit x1: It's very icky outside... Definitely very wet... :( I don't want to go anywhere tonight! I don't want to go for soup kitchen tomorrow either! :(


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