Feb. 15th, 2006

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I was so good last semester and for the last month but I'm going to do it -- I'm going to skip my Sounds lecture.

It feels so bad that I'm skipping Sounds to do my Sounds essay...But really, I don't have enough time. I did part of it last night but it's no where near done and I need this extra hour to think just so I can do all my other homework (Japanese, journal entry for sounds), along with studying for Orgo. I need to go over chapters 18 and 20 tonight badly, with another revisiting on 17 (even though 17 was easy and I liked 17). And of course chapter 19 is evil. I have probably about half the mechanisms down, another quarter that I can probably figure it out but there's another quarter that I'm sketchy on. Need to go over that.

Tomorrow, skipping work of course. And thankfully Friday has no lab lecture! Yay for Callahan being understanding! Now if he couldn't only do it next week for MolecCell as well, I would absolutely love him. He won't but I would if he did (but he won't).

Yosh, I'm going to be here in the computer lab for two and half hours, I'm going to get this thing done!
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"Gomen for disturbing you."

LOL! I mean, really, is it that hard to say "sorry"?

Tonight! Essay! Sounds! Japanese! And the all lovable synthesis! Yayayay!!!

I just want sleep. Is that so much to ask for? :(

This weekend -- three days to do nine lectures! Plus my topic sentence. And I think study for Orgo lab. Yay.

I'm never going to get sleep, am I? Right after next week's two midterms, it's my Japanese midterm. T_T

That's three freaking weeks of midterms! *eye twitches* And I think two weeks after that, starts my next round of midterms. Oh, joy! Thank god Sounds doesn't have a midterm otherwise, I would have no sleep and want to kill myself as well. As it is, I'm all sore from carrying a bazillion books around with me all the time. :(

edit x1: So much Japanese homework... It just never, never, never ends. Oh my god, it's 8:30, I still have three more pages of my essay to write! Not to mention listen to the damn listening assignment (45 mins!!!), read the damn paper and write about the two things... And I wanted to study!!! *cries*

Why God do you hate me so? T_T

edit x2: *dead*

edit x3: You've got to be kidding me! 62 MB?! *dies* I mean, sure, 45 minutes is a long music clip but really...what if someone had dial-up? It's scaring me that I'm starting this now... :(

I still have to read the article and write my impressions of it still... :(

And I didn't get to Orgo at all! I must cram tomorrow! Synthesis and everything because I am just sucky at synthesis. :(

Great, 45 minutes of a guy saying "I am sitting in a room..." into a room, recording it, playing it back and recording that again and playing it back and recording it -- times infinity. Crazy. I will read my article while I'm listening to it.

But at least he put up that French song that I liked. ^^

edit x4: What language is Vem, Meu Amor?

The song is apparently sung by Banda Eva, from the album Axe Ao Vivo - Millenium.

I have never heard of it.

I thought it was French, but now I'm not sure... :\ It doesn't sound like Spanish...Maybe Portuguese? Italian? I don't really know... :(


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