Feb. 18th, 2006

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<td align="center"> Sherry's lame-ass excuse to break up:

"Please stop referring to yourself, in the third person no less, as 'beautiful.' You look like a horse."

'What is your lame-ass excuse to break up?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

My first thought was of Atobe.

But then again, maybe it was because I had just read the last chapter of Contact Lens.
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I totally ♥ ZZ's Be Survivor! This type of song are among my favorites! Loud, fast, energetic! I am caught up in the passion and the happiness of this song! Tell me it wouldn't be the coolest thing ever to be in a rave where this song is blasting off the speakers, surrounded by a hundred of like-minded people as they lost themselves to this song.

Ah, I love this song! So much love! I really wish I had more of ZZ's songs! They remind me awfully of WAG, which isn't a bad thing because I ♥ WAG too.

Melancholy introspective rambling that was brought about by the thought of music; LJ-cut because it's a bit of a downer and doesn't really fit my Be Survivor fangirling )

Anyway, back to Be Survivor! The mp3: ZZ - Be Survivor

And some other songs that I uploaded last night. They're from the TVB drama "Revolving Doors of Vengeance".

The theme song is song by Hacken Lee and can be found here: http://homepages.nyu.edu/~smc449/Revolving_Doors_of_Vengeance--theme_full_HackenLee.mp3

The sub theme (basically the ending theme) is sung by Ron Ng, the main male lead of the show: http://homepages.nyu.edu/~smc449/Revolving_Doors_of_Vengeance--subtheme_full_RonNg.mp3

Since both songs are from a TVB drama, that of course means they're in Cantonese. ^^ I really love the sub theme done by Ron but I really wish it were in better quality. It sounds as though it was recorded off the radio or TV or something. But still, a good song. I hadn't really known Ron all that well before this drama (I think the only other drama I've seen him in was Lost in the Chamber of Love -- which I did like) but this song and the show does make him grow on you.

edit x1: How very odd... I just noticed that the comment feature was removed, for no apparent reason because I sure as hell didn't do that! Hmm....I wonder what happened? Well that's gone now. :)


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