Feb. 21st, 2006


Feb. 21st, 2006 01:26 am
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I just realized 2006/04/19 means April 19th and not March 19th... :(

How very disappointing! I made the connection right now (yes, I'm stupid for not getting my months straight) and was instantly crushed. *sigh* Another month to live through before April comes around...

But Spring break starts on March 13th!!! That's less than three weeks from now! YES!!!! I just need to survive this week, next week and it'll be home-free!!!!

God, I need Spring Break so badly...


Feb. 21st, 2006 05:50 pm
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When was this Streamload MediaMax thing started?!

*cries* I now have over 20 gig left in my Streamload account and I have NOTHING to download and it expires on the 28th! That gives a week to download 20 gig!

What to do...???

I hate wasting anything....

Diana-chan! Want to download stuff? Anybody else, want me to host anything? I'm good for anything but I really just don't want it all to go to waste...

I'm not sure I understand MediaMax (except I can still store all my stuff because I'm a V4 user)...

Man, this has been in effect since the 10th but I just haven't logged into my account since then... Eep... Now what should I do? I don't even want to download that much! Dramas? They're the only things I can think of that would eat away at all of these MBs....

Damn, I can't think about this until my midterm is over...on the 27th. *cries*


Feb. 21st, 2006 06:35 pm
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I finished my MolecCell research topic during lunch! And now I'm free to study MolecCell! I'm so incredibly happy about this that it's absolutely wrong.

I chose to do telomerase in malignant cells! I found an entry in the book and I went from there to PubMed and did some cool research and was able to do my 1400 character topic! ^^

Basically my topic is the usage of anti-telomerase drugs as a way to kill malignant cells (because an integral part of cancer cells is their ability to divide an infinite number of times and in order to do that, telomerase must come into play to regenerate the telomeres or else the cell will die). So if telomerase is targeted, then telomeres will not regenerate and eventually lead to cell senescence. And my topic deals also with the ramifications of anti-telomerase drug usage in biological cells because even though adult cells don't have telomerase, germ cells do and could it be possible to mistarget? I hope it's not too narrow of a target... I mean it's only 3 pages so... I don't know. We'll see how it is...

Now I'm going to make some wonton noodle soup because I bought fresh wontons, fresh wonton noodles and my veggies are going bad. Yummy! (Except I've been kinda eating it for three days... ^^;;;)
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I've been doing MolecCell lectures for the past four hours....

*wants to die*

So much Schiccatano...

Need sleep...

Figure skating is on...wanna watch....

*falls forward and dies*


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