Mar. 10th, 2006

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You know what I love?

Chicken Alfredo Pasta with lots of yummy veggies. ♥

You know what else I love?

70 DEGREES. ♥♥♥

Thank you God for sending me 70° F weather. And a wonderfully beautiful, sunny day too! It was a bit windy but after the terrible Feburary that has just past, I'll take it. I mean it was beautiful today! It made me extra perky that today was the first day of Spring Break. ^^

I totally loved it! It felt so good to not wear a coat, to be in a T-shirt for the first time in months... I think tomorrow will be this wonderful too so that's good since I will be making a trip to stock up on Chinese foodstuffs. ^^

I love today. I really do. It was the best day ever. *sigh in contentment*

I feel bad for the people out West though... My brother actually had a RAIN DAY. It's like a snow day only they had an entire day cancelled because of rain. Well, it was rain in Hood River but I heard there was a ton of snow in some parts of the county... Like Parkdale. Which does explain it a bit. But still, rain day! I found it hilarious. ^^

Oh, and today I found out what happened with the kid from the school I tutor at that died... Apparently he jumped into the water... But they don't think it was a premeditated suicide but a suicide-like gesture. I'm glad it wasn't drugs or gangs or anything like that though...

It's really sad though! I mean the kid (9th grader too!) was taking his little sister (six years old) to school and they were walking by the water and he told his sister that he was going to jump into the water. Then he proceeded to take off his coat and jump in. And if his sister is to be believed, a shark then ate him. ^^;;; Six years old so...

No matter what, I just think it's wrong that 9th graders are killing themselves... :( I mean my brother is only a year older than the kid who died! Kent, if on the off-chance you actually read my blog, don't kill yourself!

Today they had a nice little memorial for the kid... I wore one of the ribbons even though I didn't know what had happened (at the time) or even the kid who died but it would have been really rude for me to refuse. And heartless. The kids at the school planted a cherry tree in memory of the kid and as I went with my class to view the tree, I couldn't help but think that they chose a very symbolic tree to remember Syndey.

It was a wonderful gesture and the warmth outside made it a somewhat enjoyable, if solemn experience.

Now, I've finished downloading Sekai no Chuushin De so I'm going to go and watch it! I'm hoping for a wonderful cryfest. ^^


Mar. 10th, 2006 10:58 pm
sherryillk: (Default) stole my neighbors and my charts! I want them back! :(

And after I waited so very long to get neighbors too...



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