Mar. 12th, 2006

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Man, I have to stop mistaking March for Apirl. I nearly freaked out today when I realized it was the 10th and that I needed my taxes in by the 15th and today was a Saturday which meant it'll be the 12th by the time I could get it in the mail...

But then I realized it was really April 15 (it is, isn't it???) that you need to get your taxes in by.

*shakes head* First Kimeru (of which I have thoroughly disappointed myself when I realized I wouldn't be getting his DVD and single this month) and now taxes... *sigh*

But I really have to finish my taxes soon anyway... And buy envelopes so I can send them in... :\ I just have to do my state ones, which are pretty much done -- I just need to print out the form (since I messed up the two copies that came with the book with stupid mistakes) and copy over my numbers. That and write a check since I own them money...

But at least I get back money with the federal taxes. Yay for tax refunds!

And man, do I love the song Prism. I should listen to it more and more often to make it my number #1 most favoritest Kimeru track on since it is my most favorite Kimeru song.

I'm not quite sure why LOVE BITES and Be Shiny are my top Kimeru tracks (even though I do admit, LOVE BITES is one of my favorites)...I mean I understand Answer will come for third but...

Still, it should be that Prism beats all of them. I knew from the first moment I heard Prism that I loved it and I still love it now. And I loved it even more after watching K's Ark... After watching the live performance of Prism, I just knew that it defintiely was my favorite song... Ah, I want to watch K's Ark now. Actually, I think I might. ^^


Mar. 12th, 2006 11:02 pm
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I feel so bad wishing for your downfall... Even if I loved Toshiya, that's no excuse!

Komorin! I'll miss you!

*dies* Need next episode now...Need so so badly! God, I haven't felt such excitement over watching something since Prince of Tennis. I am so fangirly when I watch Major. I love it, there's just nothing else to say about it. I just love it. I love Goro and I love Toshi and I love Komorin (I really do feel bad for wanting him to fail in favor of Toshi but I've loved Toshi since the second episode so so so...!!)

God, 80% done! Must have soon! Must have!

Oh screw it, I'm downloading the raw.

edit x1: Oh my god... Sooooo good!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! So major LOVE! I may not understand everything but I understood enough for me to still fangirl over it like absolutely crazily! Why aren't there more people into Major?! It really is sooooooo good!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!


God, I need the raw for yesterday's episode. It isn't out in Saiyaman yet (T_T) so I have to wait a bit... :(

I need more of this... How exactly am I supposed to wait like this?! :(

I want! And god, I need!


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