Mar. 26th, 2006


Mar. 26th, 2006 03:58 am
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I finished it! Both of them! Actually all three of them! I now have all the backstages to both the summer and winter Hyoutei myus and the winter Hyoutei myu!

Cindy, do you still need the winter backstage? I can upload to SL for you tomorrow if you need it. :)

It took me three hours but it's finished! I didn't expect it to go so quickly since I was downloading at 7-8 kb/sec but then I shot up to 22-23 kb/sec and it finished! ^^ Both of them together took me nearly seven hours to download but I have them now!

I absolutely adore the backstages. I haven't totally seen all of the winter Hyoutei myu but I will tomorrow. If anyone wants any of these, I'll be glad to host any/all of them on my Streamload account so you won't have to deal with the evil Sendspace or the even more evil Megaupload. Plus, if it's hosted on my SL account, it'll be fast, reliable, resumable downloads. So if anyone wants, drop me a line and I'll work on uploading them because I'm just a bit slow when it comes to uploading.

God, I am so craving a shrimp flavored Cup of Noodles. Yummy! But alas I have none at all... I don't really have any ramen at all actually... :(

edit x1: Is it just me or have people become...lighter in color? Like they're lost their tans? Did they originally have tans? I don't know... I just feel as though they were darker in color before...


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