Apr. 16th, 2006

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I have it! After downloading it for hours today, I finally have the first episode of the second season!

It's so great! I love David Tennant! He's so wonderful as the new Doctor! I love how he talks on and on -- so wonderful! I love modern technology! Before, something like this episode of Doctor Who would have aired in Britain like it did last night and I would have no access to it at all! Now, it's on BT hours after it's aired, available for anyone in the world who's a fan of Doctor Who to download. And download I did!

And it's Doctor Who but different because it's a new Doctor! He does indignant so well! And his eyes pop out so well! And he's so cute! And of course I love the way he speaks. I adore him! And he gives this new season such a wonderful new feel. I think that's mainly because he actually wants to be the Doctor while the old guy never planned on doing more than one season. It's so refershing! I do adore this show, I do. Next week, new episode! I can't wait! And the Face of Boe (Bode?) is very cool!

Although...the whole thing with Cassandra at the very end? So unbelievable! But I welcome it if it makes it all happy. :) Bittersweet, considering all that happened but still wonderful.

God, I can't wait until there's more of this! I so am loving it! ^^

edit x1: Ah, almost forgot! My favorite part of this first episode of the second season:

Doctor: No shop downstairs, not a shop. Not a big one, just a shop. So people can...shop.

Cat: The hospital is the place of healing.

Doctor: A shop does some people a world of good. Not me; other people.

* * *

I absolutely love the Doctor's mouth. He said back in the movie that he had a big of a gob, and that he certainly does. But he's just wonderfully amusing so it's all good. :)
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I've always wondered why people are into Kakashi/Iruka fics when they're just such a weird pairing... I mean have they really actually interacted with each other? I remember Iruka blowing up at Kakashi once but aside from that one time, have they even spoken to each other before? For me, I just couldn't see how they could connect at all... Plus, they're not exactly major side characters in Naruto... Kakashi is somewhat but Iruka is almost an unknown...

But I finally get it. That's just part of their allure. It's almost original because there's so much that could be done. Right now I'm having lots of fun reading the different types of Kakashi/Iruka fanfics out there... I especially like the ones where Iruka is not what he seems -- those are especially fun since he's a bit more matched for Kakashi and it feels as though their relationship has nice balance.

Aside from all the Kakashi/Iruka fics I've been reading, today I went to Chinatown, bought some stuff and had bubble tea. I adore bubble tea and even though I got a large today (it was hot and I was thirsty and it was only 50 cents more) it didn't last as long as I wanted it to. I also bought two movies -- Dual Hero starring Leon Lai and Ekin Cheng and Jackie Chan's The Myth. I saw Dual Hero and even though the ending was just a bit sad, it was overall, a good movie.

And I was so disappointed when I tried watching The Myth! It wouldn't play! :( I'm going to see if I can exchange it but I don't know if they allow it... :( I'm so disappointed! That was the one movie I really wanted to see!

Right now I've just finished watching the third episode of KIBA. Not bad, not bad at all. I'm still waiting for more Noah though and the fact that he's in the opening and standing with a sword makes me think he'll show up eventually with a larger part in this story. I can't wait! Even though it was brief, I definitely have much love for Noah. :) And Robe-sama! Kya! I like him too! :)

I can't wait until all these theme songs are released. I've been hearing some really nice ones from the new shows this season and I want them all...

Tomorrow...class. *makes a face* I just want to hide in bed now and never get out... Today I woke up and I really didn't want to leave my bed at all. I knew that once I did get up, I would have to deal with stuff and I just wanted to hide in my bed, sleeping carefree just a bit longer. But I knew that if I wanted to go to Chinatown and do stuff, I had to get up so I did. But I really, really, really didn't want to. Even now I just want to dive into bed... Ah, well, I'll drown myself in more Kakashi/Iruka fics. But only for another hour because I have to study for the kanji test tomorrow.. *makes another face* Kanji is evil.
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You might think I'm crazy to have been waiting for the Anime-Otakus fansubs of PoT all this time and not downloading Shinsen's fansubs of the last couple of episodes but I like sticking with one group and staying with this one group to the end, no matter how long. Especially since A-O has pretty great quality too.

But, I doubt episode 164 would have had the same impact had I watched it months earlier with Shinsen than waiting for it today. A-O released 164 today and I nearly died at the very end where Tezuka announces that he's coming back. The sounds of You Got Game started, just like it did in the very first episodes when it was the first end theme. And it started to build up and up and then I heard Kimeru's voice and it was like !!!

And I couldn't help but sing along with the song that I had practically memorized all the lyrics to, the song that got me into Kimeru, the song that will always be PoT to me. And then they started showing the pictures of the regulars doing their special moves and it was like the first ending all over again! I'm quite certain that those were the same images from the first ending.

Oh my god, how cyclical everything is! Back to the beginning, back to your roots...The song just evokes such wonderful images and feelings and I was in heaven. God, even when the first ending wasn't being played any longer and they had gone to the second ending, it wasn't like I had stopped listening to Kimeru's You Got Game. I've heard it millions of times since then -- it's my favorite Kimeru song after all, so of course I've been listening to it all this time. But certainly it never made me feel the way it did just a few minutes ago, watching it in episdoe 164 to usher Tezuka's return to Seigaku. It really felt like I hadn't heard it in ages.

And of course, now I have to go and listen to You Got Game over and over and over again. ^^

God, I love this song. Finally, now that I'm listening to it again, it doesn't scream "Tenimyu" as it once did but rather back to the beginning, back to the first episode I had watched, back to reading and listening to this song at the end of each PoT episode. Ohisashiburi!


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