Apr. 22nd, 2006


Apr. 22nd, 2006 01:24 pm
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It's not raining now but it says 100% chance of rain for 2 PM on Weather.com. :(

I really need oil. How can a Chinese person cook food without oil? They can't and I desperately need oil. And some noodles. I've ran out of all my noodles -- from my rice noodles, to my egg noodles... I am noodleless. For someone who usually has four different types of noodles on hand at all times, it's weird. So I want to stock up. And I've fallen in love with my dumplings so I'm going to grab some of them too. They're good! They're leek, pork and shrimp dumplings and I haven't had such good frozen ones yet...

So I'm going to go. :( Don't wanna but I can't go tomorrow since it's supposed to be worse and plus, I have my meeting with Park-san too...

Going now... I'm hoping my Kimeru CD would come today but I really think it'll be Monday at its earliest. Here's to hoping though.
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Even though I didn't expect it to come today, and since I had checked the mailbox at 8:30 PM and it wasn't there, I had given up on it. But! But! Stephanie came up a few minutes ago and gave me a box and it arrived!!! I guess the people in the mailroom were a bit slow today!

Oh my god, Koi no Performance is sooo much LOVE! Even though it's a bit upbeat, it's not as fast as some of Kimeru's other songs and it totally appeals to me! I love that chorus! Wow, I totally love!

I haven't gotten to HERO yet but I have high hopes for it. ^^

I'm a bit worried about the DVD though... It's really region 2! Kimeru has never done that to us before! I have no idea what to do... Should I be looking into software that will play other regions? Or should I be looking into software that will make your DVD drive region free? I don't know what to do! T_T But I want to watch it so badly!

And just what is that postcard all about? *confused*

Is it bad that I think I'm liking Koi no Performance more than any of the new songs on Kimeru's album glorious? I feel kinda of bad but Koi no Performance is really good! I can't help but feel as though I like it more than those other new songs...

Oh! HERO has started up! *stops and listens* Not bad, not bad at all... Oh my, is it just me or is there no chorus? But hey, I like that bridge! Though the no chorus thing does throw you a bit because there's nothing to really hold onto but Kimeru's voice, the bridge does help it.

Ah! It's PINK! I never realized just how much I love Pink until last week when it suddenly hit me. It had sort of blind sided me at the time because while I knew I liked the song and that it was a good song, I never realized how great it was and just how much I liked it. ^^

I like this single! I like it a lot! I'm so happy now! Now I'm off to try and figure out the region thing... I want to watch this DVD tonight! Somehow, I will figure this out! ^^

edit x1: "Demo mada mada mita sarenai mita sarenai mada mada mita sarenai." Wow, that's a tongue twister, isn't it? I am seriously loving Koi no Performance so much right now. I just want to listen to it over and over and over again! It's terrible because while my mind is so preoccupied with Koi, it's pushing out HERO, even though I do like the sound of HERO. While Koi is all happy like, HERO has a touch of darkness that appeals to me. It's harder, and I generally love the harsher sounds. Plus, I adore the way Kimeru sings HERO. It's like he's telling a story instead of singing a song... Without the chorus, he really does force you to focus on him and the song's lyrics more. I like it though, but I think I like Koi more. They're two very different songs so they're hard to compare but I think Koi appeals to me more... Right now at least. I need to listen to these songs some more. :)
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As I do with practically every new release, I like to go over to Kimeru's website and do a small fangirl post about what I think on his BBS... But what do I see? Foreign fans apparently upset about other fans holding out on them...

Wha...? What are they talking about? Have I been so out of it that I didn't even know this existed in the Kimeru fandom? What are they referring to? The first couple of posters mentioned listening to Kimeru's radio show?

I'm confused... :\ Is there a separate Kimeru fandom where people are snubbing each other...?

Either way, I really don't think they should be complaining to Kimeru about his fans... It should really be a place where we get together and share our love of Kimeru, right? Badmouthing people just taints the BBS... :(


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