May. 3rd, 2006


May. 3rd, 2006 02:51 am
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Even if Tamaki is an idiot most of the time, pissed off!Tamaki is the best! He has it in him to show a harder side when the person he loves is threatened! Man, he is going to get Haruhi someday... That, or he'll finally get with his "okaasan" and I'll see some nice slash with Tamaki and Kyouya. The way Tamaki seems to know Kyouya so well, tell me it isn't telling! If I can't see Tamaki with Haruhi, then Kyouya would work just as well. I do love my manipulative, cold bastards. ^^

I really love episode four! Definitely, my favorite episode so far. So many great things happened! After episode 3, I thought it was finally losing it's charm but episode four pushes it back up to the top of my list. ^^

Sorry, Masha, still a lot of humor so you'd probably not be interested... :( But it really is so wonderful! It's hilarious and there's just so much crack! *heart heart heart*


And [ profile] kiyasama, I'll upload this to SL and send it to tomorrow around noonish EST... I have a final tomorrow morning so I'll do it when I get out.

Now, I've got to sleep. I didn't want to stay up this late but then I finished downloading the fourth episode of Ouran and there was no way I could refuse to watch it. It's okay! I practiced a lot of NMR yesterday and today and I've finally gotten to the point where I can recognize cyclic compounds and ones with weird mistakes in them. But bicyclic ones are still a bit hard... But I suspect I'll just go through all my options of I get caught up in one of them.... I'm feeling hopeful though -- a lot of the ones in past exams were pretty straight forward and there were only a few iffy ones... I might actually finish in time! And get them right! ^^
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I like knowing stuff about biology, I really do. Like, I like knowing certain things are targeted to different compartments and why some function the way they function.

What I don't like is experiments. I don't like having to know that I can splice out a gene and put it behind a reporter gene to see if I've diminished function or not. Or memorizing what sort of detergents there are, or why I would use sonication over a mortar and pestal, or if I should lyse to get at the stuff inside cells.

Research is all nice and all and I know that's where all the action is, but somehow, I think I would be better sitting somewhere where people could feed me their data and then I could analyze it without having to do the actual experiments... Maybe some day I'll get so big that I can minions to do the work for me and just have me directing them. That'll be nice...

I...just made the weirdest fried rice ever. See, I have extra rice from two nights ago and I don't exactly have the ingredients for a good fried rice so I improvises and put in some honey ham slices that have been chopped up, some fried egg, some dried black mushrooms, some dried sour and spicy raddishes, and some cloud ears that have been chopped into tiny pieces. It was different but not bad... I kinda want more of it... :\ The cloud ear and the mushrooms made for a nice texture and i want to have more it. Not bad, not bad.

And I'm still hungry. I think I'll end up making a sandwich later...

Tomorrow, I'm heading off to campus to study the whole day of MolecCell. And then I'll come home for dinner and do lectures the entire night. Yay! Today, going through old lectures. It's tedious but I'm remembering a good amount of it so I'm not too scared... I just don't want to study any more... In a week, I'll have my last exam and I'll finally go home. I want to be at home now. It'll really nice to rest at home for a bit...
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I could have stabbed the Fratboys but it seems like karma decided to it for me.

Thank you!

After that stunt, they are so off my list. Bastards. If they win, there would be no justice left in this world.

edit x1: MoJo sucks. And I thought Lake and Michelle (that was what his wife's name was, wasn't it? I don't think I quite remember) were bad... True colors are really showing now... But overall, the Hippies and Ray and Yolanda are still pretty nice, good people so I seriously hope one of them win this. I would cry if it's MoJo because they're just so... I just don't get them. I hope they watch this later and realize how stupid they're behaving and how bad of a light they're showing themselves to America...

...But knowing them, they'd probably explain it away as if it was just because of the game and they'd probably never act that way in real life. But really, the fact that they have the capacity to act like that in any situation, especially ones that put them under stress and test their patience so that their barriers are lowered is pretty telling. For me, this is probably who they really are.

This reminds me a bit of Lord of the Flies...

Eh well.

Didn't do as much studying as I hoped tonight so I will wake up early tomorrow to put in a few good hours then. Then I'd have to decide whether or not I'm going to "hang out" in St. Marks with the AI club... I want to go because while I'm not much of a drinker and most of the group will probably get rip roaring drunk, I still like to be with friends and I adore St. Marks... I want to go but MolecCell... And I know they'd probably convince me to try something even though I really can't afford to get drunk in any sense of the word at all...

And the fact that I'm still under 21 does concern me... :\ I mean they probably won't card but still... Okay, I'll somehow stand strong and use all those years in D.A.R.E to resist the probable peer pressure. That is if I'm going to go. But how can I resist yakitori and okonomiyaki? Or sushi?

Ah, I want to go.

Whatever, I'll deal with it tomorrow I guess. It's not until later and my final isn't until 2 PM on Friday either... We'll see...

God, it's all coming so quickly... I leave in a week! Eek! I hate flying, I hate getting to the airport but I love going home. ^^ I just need to get past two more finals and an eight page paper... It'll go quickly though.

Okay, now sleep!


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