May. 9th, 2006

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*feels dead*

How screwed am I for Orgo?

Pretty screwed.

Must study, headache, can't keep eyes open, need sleep...

The way it's going, I might as well go to sleep and wake up a little earlier than I intended... After the essay last night, I'm just wasted today. My headache has somehow grown into a three pronged attack on my head and it's a bit annoying. Especially the pulsing above my left eye... :(

Yeah, this isn't doing me any good. I'm going to sleep this off and I'll study more tomorrow. Synthesis...I still suck at. :( But I'm working my way through them somewhat... :\

So I guess this is goodnight...

Oh, Diana -- *extra hugs* I hope you feel better soon and I'm sorry for making things worse... I won't ask any more. :( Try not to think of whatever it is. You have all my love. :)
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Tired but no headache. Yay!

But I'm listening to Bennie K's Sunrise which is incredibly addictive. I saw the PV on YouTube (hmm...wonder if Jpopsuki is up again so I can download it?) and I was like !! It was just so good!

Oh, yay, it is up! ^^ Going to download now. :)

The worst thing about being up somewhat early? Attack by the allergies. I've sneezed a dozen times in the last half hour... :(

edit x1: Really reading the lyrics of Sunrise, I've realized it's really happy and inspirational... All this of aiming to the sky, trying again until you do it right...

I love the very beginning "I once missed my step / There was an invisible stairway / And I got scared / It felt so big / Oh... I started to hate it" -- how many times has this applied to my life? Too many. Sometimes I think my life is full of misteps... The sad part -- I catalogue them to remind myself of the many times I've messed up my life... :( They're regret that I can't change... It's like accept it and move on, but sometimes I feel like for me, it's forget about it and strive on.

But I like this song. So happy! ^^


May. 9th, 2006 02:09 pm
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Stick pr0n.

*brain explodes*


May. 9th, 2006 09:17 pm
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I just realized that tomorrow is the Amazing Race and I won't be able to watch it! My TV will be packed away in storage by the time it airs! I hope I'll be able to download it that night before I have to leave. I can watch it at the airport! If it's up on BT a few hours after it airs that is... :\

I leave at 2:45 AM so I suspect I will not be able to get it... :(

But I love the Amazing Race! And I need to see who gets kicked off! :(

I'm going to be like "Daddy, drop me off at the new house. I don't even want to go home yet before I get that episode." *laughs*

*phew* Just finished packing all my clothes, my bear (Bear-chan is now squished in my backpack, but he's ready to pop out into my arms at any moment! In fact, I feel sorry for him so I think I'm going to take him out and put him back in tomorrow...), my CDs, DVDs, and books (most important stuff). I might actually have extra room. I can check more luggage this time because I'm not lugging a microwave back so I can afford to take on another carry on. ^^

Almost my entire collection of CDs, books are going to be making the trip back with me... As will the nesting dolls and some random stuff... I still have to pack some other stuff but mostly everything that will be coming with me are packed. My Kimeru stuff will be going with me the entire way in my laptop bag because I can't trust it anywhere else.

Tomrrow I will have two hours to pack everything before the moving guy comes to transport it all to Xiao's apartment...

God, I can't believe tomorrow is my last final and the last day I'll be living at Water! I'm going to miss it so much! I love Water! :( I don't wanna live in 26th next year! Water! Water! Water! I hope I get switched back into Water over the summer... I just love this place.

Okay, back to studying. I'm going to do mechanisms just as soon as I finish studying chapter 23. Joy.

edit x1: Things I need to do tomorrow -- pay off housing deposit so I don't have to worry about it. Get money to pay the mover guy.

Damn, after all that, I'm going to have about... $60 left in my bank account. T_T

I spent too much money this year I think... I will try to replenish it this summer but I suspect my parents will have to give me a quick transfusion as well...


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