Jun. 14th, 2006

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Wow, these preserved prune pieces are really good. I can see why Ricky is so fond of them. I mean I thought they wouldn't be all that great since they look like the food pellets you feed to gerbils and other small rodents but they're really yummy. They're sweet and a bit sour and just a bit tangy. They taste like those preserved orange peels that you can take if you're feeling queasy...

I've been really getting hooked on these Chinese snacks lately. I haven't been able to stop eating those melon seeds (licorice flavored!) at all. And it doesn't help that my mother has been buying a lot of them lately. It's like steal a package just for me and munch on them as I watch TV.

Speaking of TV, it's the World Cup! I caught the Korea vs. Togo match today and it was magnificent! And I was proud that I actually sat through almost the entire thing. I didn't watch it on ESPN2 live but on some Spanish language channel around five-sixish. I knew who had won but still it was pretty cool! There were so many Koreans! And they were chanting again! I love the chant! Back in 2002 when they had it in Korea, I was able to catch many of the matches because they would be at like 3 AM PST and I still can't believe the run the Koreans had that year. I'm hoping for something similar this year. With France and Switzerland tieing each other, it seems like they have a chance! GO KOREA!!!

And yay for Miami! My man Shaq finally got it together, made some good free throws and with Payton's great shot at the very end, they're finally showing everyone what Miami is made of. It still looks a bit grim but with three back to back games in Miami and Miami's own record at home, there's a ray of hope still! I look forward to another great Shaq win. (And thank god they weren't swept because that would have totally crushed me).

Diana-chan! You come home in three days!!! Yay!!! I am so totally going to glomp Diana-chan! ^^


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