Jul. 14th, 2006

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I have a hard time believing that Kindaichi would have that many people dying around him. They drop like flies, one by one. There have been three cases that I've seen so far, each time there have been no less than three people dying within each one. It's getting kinda annoying to tell you the truth. It just pushes the believability a bit too much.

I am having a good time watching it despite that. The third case brought Akechi Kengo-san, whom I fell in love with from the first episode. I thought maybe, perhaps, he would be a match for Kindaichi. Plus, he's voiced by the guy who did Conrad and Iwaki so every time he opens his mouth, I am filled with these warm, soft feelings that I've already associated with the other characters he's played before.

When it seemed like he was going to die, I was so scared for him! Already my mind was working, seeing a cute little Akechi/Kindaichi pairing but he was supposed to be the next guy who was going to get murdered. But he was just asleep and I rejoiced! But now it seems like something worse than being dead is going to happen -- instead of dying, I think he's...evil. And that's just about the only thing I can't take. Evil people are so hard to maintain relationships with and they in a show like this, they're like to die themselves or get themselves locked away, both of which would make a relationship impossible. *sigh* I don't have the last episode of this arc yet seeing as Kaze no Koe hasn't released it yet but I sincerely hope that he won't be evil... And that he won't die as well. I really see potential here and it would be sad to see it dashed by death or evilness.

In other news, I'm finally making much progress on my Anime mp3s list. Unfortunately, I got to PoT and was immediately intimidated. I have so many PoT songs and they're all scattered around in various DVDs and CDs... I copped out and just wrote a note saying request away with those. I have confidence in my PoT collection.

But what I've finished is not all that I have. I still have my music discs to go through to put those up. I've burned so much music off my computer -- it'll be interesting to see how much is actually there...

But once I've finished, I can move on! Jpop is next and while my non-anime music collections are a bit lacking, I still have some notables. I think. I just want to get it done with. I've been lagging on this for practically a year now and it's getting sad. But on the other hand, it's so tedious and boring that I can't do it for very long. But still, slow and steady is getting me through it so yay! :)

Right now I'm enjoying the Princess Mononoke OST and again I'm amazed at how beautiful it is. Joe Hisaishi really is a genius. I absolutely adore his music and since I had just gotten through writing that tracklist up, I decided to listen to it as well. The Legend of Ashitaka Theme is so beautiful -- I could listen to it forever. And Evening at the Ironworks is another one of my favorites. That and the Tatara Women Work Song -- the vocals are so ethereal. I want to watch this movie again and just bask in the beautiful songs. ^^


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