Jul. 15th, 2006

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So I watched the dubbed PoT anime today on the Toonami Jetstream (Kent tells me it's Cartoon Network online but I really have no clue about these things). What can I say about it? It has interesting voice actors for the characters? I don't particularly like Ryoma -- this guy doesn't grate on your nerves like Ryoma should but that's all I've got to say. I know a good many people are hating it and think it's absolutely terrible but thinking back to some worse dubbed shows, I can't help but think it could have been a lot worse and in that light, not as bad as it seems. *shrugs* It's only the first episode though and I've always considered episode one to be almost a side story. I am curious as to how they would do the regulars though and most definitely the rivals. I will anxiously await Atobe to make my final judgment, though I don't think that's quite fair. I adore Atobe and I adore Suwabe Junichi's Atobe so I doubt anybody could top it. It's practically doomed to fail but we'll see how bad it will be.

I'm also watching Digimon Savers. Yup, Digimon. It was after my time, a bit like how Pokemon was as well (I could only squeal at how cute they were) but my brother used to watch it religiously as a kid. And now because of the Jetix reruns of the old seasons, he's finding himself getting pulled back into the show and the interest in Digimon is being rekindled. Because of that, he's having me download the episodes for him. And since I am, and they're there on my computer all nice and finished, I couldn't help but take a look. While I never watched it with a passion like my brother did, I did catch most of the episodes with him. You know how it is -- TV's on, kid brother is watching TV and you're in the same room so you catch things. So I get the basics of Digimon and I'm not completely lost. This is the first time I am watching a subbed version though. I'm a bit surprised. This is the first time I've ever done something like this and I don't know what I was expecting but Digimon Savers is like any other anime out there. I think I even recognize some of the seiyuus. Even the main character, I think he's Souichiro Hoshi -- the guy who played Goku in Saiyuki and that one guy who could turn towels into iron from the Law of Ueki... It's the same twang that I would recognize anywhere. He's just been in too many shows that I've watched before. Even Captain Satsuma -- I think he's voiced by the same guy as Sanada... :\ It's really quite surprising.

It's not terrible but I do miss the old people. I've never known them by their real names but I did like Matt and T.K and Joe. But I am liking Daimon. He has Goku and Sano's voices! The old feelings I had in the past for his seiyuu's past characters is influencing my opinion of his current character. So I guess I'll be watching this with my brother? *sigh* I can't believe I'm watching Digimon of my own free will. Have I regressed or what? *shakes head in wonder*

This Digisoul in the hand thing -- still a bit lame but it's not as bad as those cards. So I think I can deal with it for a while at least. I think I need to know more about it before I can totally decide if it's not too lame for me to continue watching. But I suspect I'll just cave and make allowances for it as I watch on. *shrugs*

Today, I fulfilled two music requests and it made me happy. To many times I've searched for songs and been unable to find them. It's disappointing and frustrating and sad. So I was happy to be able to supply a couple mp3s people have been searching for with no luck. ^^

Although I have to say one thing -- it really seems like half the time I'm doing Eyeshield 21 songs... I guess it might have to do with that one time I linked Suzuna's character album to my site. But the Pretear request totally made up for it. ^^

Right now, I'm trying to find Tomosaka Rie's Futari from the Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo ending theme. And I'm being blocked everywhere I go. I'm left no more resources, which is really making me sad. The request threat at Jpopmusic.com is out, Jpopsuki doesn't have it and Google is coming up with blanks. I'm tempted to hit Baidu but Baidu sucks with everything except Chinese music. But I'll keep searching, hoping for a lead. I refuse to believe it's not out there somewhere and that I can't get it. It can't elude me forever.

edit x1: Okay so that girl and Daimon are going to get together. But how old is Yoshino anyway? She can drive. She's part of that Digimon police force -- Daimon's only 14. No matter what, I think it's a bit like robbing the cradle.

And oh god, it really is some sort of soul thing within the hand that charges the Digivices. *shudders* It'll be interesting to see what Kent will think about this...

edit x2: I think I found my potential slash pairing. :\

edit x3: Oh yeah, it's Touma. So typical.
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Okay, when did Last.fm change on me? The last time I went there was only a couple of days ago and I think I would have noticed something so dramatic as this. It's all so...spiffy now. And Diana-chan is no longer a neighbor, well, not a very close one. There are so many new people who I don't recognize -- Last.fm must have done something to the way they generate them.

It's so very...strong. I'm not sure I like it. :\ I wonder if there's a way to back to the way it was. I don't like change and while this one isn't an immediate dislike, I still would like to go back to the way it was before.

*yawns* I had only meant to check up my Last.fm user page. It's late, I need sleep. Waking up early is bad and I think I'm going to just collapse. Tired...


Jul. 15th, 2006 04:14 pm
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I found bento recipes! Not to mention a bunch of other bento items and two great resources for building a bento. (Also I found a place for Valentine molds with I've been curious about since I first heard of actually hand making a chocolate valentine to give to a guy so I'm especially happy about that).

I feel so excited! I love food. I love new food. And I love cute stuff. Bento just seems to fit all of it. I want to make my first bento right now but alas, I don't have all the necessary equipment. But now I have resources so it's all good.

There are so many nice sites online with so many nice pictures. It just makes me want to explore them all and to eat the world. And to think this was inspired by the sixth Digimon Savers episode. They were eating tamagoyaki, something had shown up in the show before while I was watching it last night and I remembered my desire to try and make it. That lead to recipes with lead to the bento and now I'm at wanting to make an entire bento to accompany it. That lead to molds and pans and other sort of stuff and now I'm here, wanting to buy a ton of stuff and to make a nice boxed lunch. There are just so many yummy foods out there and there's so many ways you can build it.

God, it's times like this, I wonder about myself. I'm not too domestic but I've always enjoyed trying out new recipes, making new foods... It's just always appealed to me. I want to try this when I'm back in school, needing to make lunches for my long days in class. I just wish I'll have time for it when the time comes. We'll see. It looks like a lot of fun either way so maybe I'll find a Sunday and make a nice Monday lunch. :)
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I saw the encore performance of the pilot episode Psych a couple of days ago and the second episode was on last night and since then, I've been wondering what the theme song was. You actually only hear a small bit of it as the theme but what you do hear, it's not that bad at all. It's just like the stuff I would normally listen to so I got curious about it.

After a little bit of searching and a small panic that it might be too early for details on the song, I finally found the band and the name. It's the Friendly Indians' "I Know, You Know." Unfortunately, it's not available yet. :( I shall have to wait for it. :\

I was happy today to find my thoughts echoed by other people who had gotten the Thirteen Senses' first album The Invitation. You hear "Into the Fire" and it's like WOW with such wonderful sweeping vocals, this strong piano backbone and absolutely wicked guitar riffs. It's such a great song but then you go onto the next song and it's not as wonderful. And you go on to the next song after that and they just can't compete. The whole album pales in comparison to the first track, which is a real shame. Even the song that I had wanted to listen to most off of it, "Do No Wrong" couldn't capture my attention for very long before "Into the Fire" stole it away. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought so. It's not like it's a bad album, it's not terrible and it's perfectly nice listen but when you have such a great track like "Into the Fire"...

Ugh, I'm feeling kinda crappy now. I have this dry cough that just doesn't want to leave me at all. I wonder if it's allergy again? I'm having the same sort of unable to breathe, sorta blocked feeling in my lungs. *makes a face* Not fun at all.


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