Jul. 17th, 2006

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My brother sucks. Completely. I've been leaving my laptop on for the last few days so I could finish downloading the second part of Endless Shock for [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_incubi because it's been a bitch to finish. It refuses to go higher than just 5 or 6 kb/s, which pretty high considering I'm usually hovering around 2 kb/s most of the time. After a few days of downloading, I've finally nursed it up to a third done and I had intended to let it go for the entire day today.

But then my brother got a hold of my laptop. He was looking up some stuff for my mom on Direct Buy when he turned it off. No, first he paused it and then he closed the program. So all today when I was under the impression that everything was fine and I was downloading away happily, I was totally mistaken and I've just lost a whole day's worth of downloading. God, the least he could have done is turned the program back on when he left! Now I'm not even connected to any of the peers and not downloading a thing. Ugh, it's going to take forever to get back up to what I had it. I definitely am upset. :(

I was already tired, and now because of this I'm annoyed as well and just a bit pissed off. What will save this?

Well, hopefully things will start going my way. Kioku released the last two subs of Kurosagi so that's good -- I'll have that tomorrow. We're going to Portland for shopping tomorrow and hopefully sushi as well so that's also good. And my mother told me she planned on buying me an iPod as an early birthday present so that's also very nice. *laughs* Although if I get one, Kent will demand one as well and we can't exactly leave Diana out if we do that. iPods for all! ^^

And wow, the Rasmus' "Sail Away" is good! Why have I not listened to that track more often? I have no idea. I'm pretty sure I went through the entire Hide From the Sun album of theirs. I guess I missed a couple of good ones. This is why I need to remember to go through them more than once.

It's 2 AM, I've got nothing to do but right Masha and possibly go through some CDs and update my list of my music collection. Letter first, work later.

Damn it, I just closed the window and it's already so hot. *makes a face* But it's so windy and even a small crack open is like too much. :\


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