Jul. 31st, 2006

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I'm snacking on teriyaki beef jerky again, which I am sure isn't the best thing for my teeth or my jaw. But they're so sweet and spicy and yummy goodness. So what if some bits are hard and to chew? That just makes the bits that are soft and easy so much better. I really am not a snacker but when it's right in front of me, how can I resist? *no self control what so ever*

Today, I took pictures of some yellow cherries to show Masha. I know it's odd thing to be photographing but we had been talking about yellow cherries recently so I thought what the hell. They turned out less than perfect but they're nice overall. I had actually two that I had to decide from -- one that I taken with flash and one without and while the one with flash was less blurry, it was the one without that ended up looking the most natural. The flash reflected off the cherries so they seemed as though they were glowing, which wasn't exactly the most aesthetically pleasing photograph of them.

And since I had taken the time to transfer the pics off the flash disk, I had a chance to upload my sushi pictures from last Tuesday. I was particularly proud of this batch as they turned out rather nicely. They actually looked like California rolls, and they stayed together which was much better than the first time we had attempted them. The knife wasn't too sharp so bits of the stuff inside are poking out because they got yanked by the knife as I was cutting it. Also, the bits of avocado were the most unbendy bits ever. I left the avocado to my brother to buy and in typical Kent fashion, he bought me the rawest, hardest, tightest little avocado you could buy. And since I like my avocado nice and mushy soft, I wasn't all to happy. But I still used it anyway. I wasn't going to waste more money getting a whole new avocado.

Cherries and California Roll pics )

But! Today I learned a new trick on the Food Network! To stop the enzymatic reaction of the avocados, all you need to do is squirt some lime juice on them and they won't turn brown. That had been a problem with our past avocados so I'm glad to have learned it. In hindsight, I realize this must be why you add lime juice to guacamole... ^^"

Last night I watched a new TVB show with my sister called La Femme Desperado. It is surprisingly good, despite the pathetic female lead. I have never seen such a pathetic woman before. She really does take the cake for being pushed around by everybody around her. I feel sad that Raymond is the evil guy in this though -- I had a crush on when I was younger and I still think he's pretty cute, especially with that curly hair of his.

This show has particularly great one liners that are just so funny and yet some are so terrible as well. Still, you can't help but laugh at what happens to this woman. In the second or third episode though, she ended up destroying this little kid's urn of the ashes of her parents it was such a shocking, "OMG, I can't believe she did that!!!" moment. I'm still reeling from it. What a way to get hated... And in her infinite stupidity, she fesses up to it to the mother of the dead father. It was still really funny in a catastrophic way. Tonight marks even more La Femme Desperado, which I'm going to join my sister in watching now. ^^

And man, I really am loving Yamamoto Ryohei's the LIGHT. It's seriously such a wonderful song. I can't stop listening to it at all.
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For me, Ouran is like crack. I snatch up every episode as soon as it's released and I watch it immediately as soon as I have it downloaded. I don't like to feel unsure of a show, you know? But Ouran throws me.

I'm sure I like Tamaki. I've been drawn to the characters since the first episode and his first act of heroism. The girl in me squee'ed as if there was no tomorrow. And after each act, Tamaki gets more and more likable. He's an idiot at time, I'll give you that, but he's also such a pure soul. And even he has depth despite his rather shallow behavior. It's that depth that sometimes seeps through that I am most intrigued about.

I am a slasher. A yaoi fan. If I see two guys that can be put together, most likely I'll find someway or reason to get them together. Which is why Tamaki and Kyouya should be my pairing. And yet, I can't bring myself to read their fanfiction. Kyouya is definitely a multi-faceted individual with many layers, most of which are obscured by the other layers. He's different from Tamaki and yet, they coexist so well together. They make total sense. The contrast between them should have me salivating. But it doesn't. I'm afraid of this pairing and I have no idea why.

Surprisingly enough, what makes sense to me is Tamaki and Haruhi. I genuine like this pairing, or at least what I imagine this pairing will be like. And yet, I read Tamaki/Haruhi fanfiction and I can't stand them. I believe I have very strict ideas of how Tamaki and Haruhi relate and how they can get together and stay together and yet writers that I've read stuff from can't see to get it right. They either make it too fluffy (usually the case) or too superficial (also very common). Haruhi and Tamaki won't get fall in each other's arms and declare themselves in love. Tamaki might but to get him to really mean it, I think will take a bit more effort on Haruhi's part.

I want Tamaki and Haruhi's relationship to develop. But the more I think about it, Kyouya and Tamaki work best. Especially after this latest episode. And the more I think about, Haruhi can't get with any of the Ouran guys or else the balance of the universe will be upset. That saddens me because I look forward to each episode to see more dashing Tamaki moments. I want to understand Tamaki more. I want to see what makes him tick, what has made him what he is today. I just like Tamaki. It's been a few episodes since we had a Tamaki one so I'm getting a bit anxious. I don't like the twins because I think they're very sketchy and very dangerous. I'm afraid of Kyouya because I don't want to see more reasons to slash him and Tamaki together (and seriously, they fit so well, but Tamaki and Haruhi would be so much more amusing, not to mention the Tamaki in a Tamaki/Haruhi relationship will be so much cooler than the one with Kyouya!). And as far as I'm concerned, Honey and Mori are both rather boring and uninspiring characters, despite the fact that they have tried to round out Honey in the past. Plus the whole Mori/Haruhi thing is threatening my Tamaki/Haruhi so I really don't want more reasons to like Mori and become more amiable to Mori/Haruhi.

It's so terrible that I'm saying things like this. I'm just confused and the more I think about it, the more confused I get. I want so much and yet it can't all work and everything can't exist together because they contradict on such basic, elemental levels. *sigh* Ouran perplexes me so I try to cling to my Tamaki/Haruhi staple. But there's just so much out there that could work just as well and I can't help but think perhaps they should just tell us how it's supposed to be already. But I don't think that will ever happen so we're always left hanging.

God, it's just an anime show. I really shouldn't be thinking this much into it at 4:45 AM... Man, this must be a sign that I need sleep. Okay, going to bed now...
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Last year, I was sorely tempted to leave [livejournal.com profile] nyuhousing and [livejournal.com profile] nyu for the month of July. So many incoming freshmen whose every concern seems to do with what sheets should they get, is moving in nice, are they going to get good closet space, how does their dorm look like.

And every time I see such an inquiring post (which have really started to double in number in the last few days), I can't help but want to scream at all of them that in less than a month, they'll all be intimately familiar with their dorm rooms and with check-in. But whenever I get that urge, I take a deep breath and I remind myself that I was once in their position too -- all wide eyed about the college experience, wanting to know what sort of place I'll be living for the next year, if I'm ready to do this because god only knew what to bring and what not to.

But then again, I was never as obtrusive to actually make a post asking all these questions. It was quite clear that it would be annoying (and yet some do it anyway) and really, I could wait if it meant not being ostracized and labeled as a newbie freshman on [livejournal.com profile] nyu. And really, it seemed as if was more organized in my year than it does this year. But maybe I just believe that simply because I'm not a part of [livejournal.com profile] nyu2010 (does that comm even exist? I assume so...).

For now, I'll just ignore all these posts that are getting no responses that are currently cluttering up my flist. Yay.


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