Aug. 10th, 2006

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Now I remember why I always worked on my mp3 lists for a short period of time each time, working just a bit of it and leaving the rest for later -- it's so I don't go FREAKING ASS NUTS WHILE DOING IT!

I just spend the last... Four hours? cataloguing all the Japanese songs I've ever downloaded in my life. And god, I'm just about ready to lose it. Typing, alphabetizing, sorting, oh my god, I'm so out of it now. I feel as though I've died. I'm so out of it. And the thing was that I never even meant to spend tonight doing it. I wanted to catch up on my One Piece episodes since I have two more of Kaizoku Fansub's releases that I haven't watched yet.

Thank god I had written to Masha already... Who knows what would have happened to that letter had I decided to do it after this... I'm not even done but I've decided I've had enough of that deep, dark hole that I had fallen into. I mean for god's sake, Diana's already asleep!

For now, I'm going to leave it for tonight. I've had enough. And even though I had wanted to finish up last year's summer hits (all one hundred of them), I really can't take it any more.

But I have to say one thing, going through all the old songs made me listen to more of them today that I have this whole summer. Or this whole year. Some of them were old favorites from years ago... :\

But I've had enough of Japanese for now. So at this moment, I'm listening to Justin Lo's No Protection album. I've never heard of Justin Lo before tonight. I'm not very up on the whole Chinese scene at all so it's not that odd for him to have passed me by. But I was on the BT tracker for Aznmp3 and I saw that there was a guy named Justin Lo who had an album out. The name attracted me so I downloaded it on a whim.

To my surprise, Justin Lo was a Cantonese singer! And I liked his songs! Even bigger surprise there. I have nothing against Cantonese music but when it comes to Chinese music, I usually go for the Mandarin songs.

The first song on the album is "Intro - Siu Sang Pa Pa" which is like a little kid who's trying to sing something (I couldn't get most of it but I think I heard something about going on a date tonight...?) but it was just so odd and so different and so cute! and it immediately attracted my attention.

The first track was only that small little clip of 45 seconds so it went to the second track "Kuet Jin Yee Sai Jo" rather quickly. Why the person who ripped this decided to romanize it in Cantonese is beyond me -- I would much rather have the Chinese characters... I probably will Google the Chinese later and replace them all... Anyway, "Kuet Jin Yee Sai Jo" is translated by the ripper as "Battle With the Rich Man's Son" and it is as odd and different as the first song. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the song but then Justin started singing and I found myself nodding along to the song. And then I started to move to it and it struck me as just a little odd, but definitely a good song. I think of the entire album, the second track has totally captured my heart. He has a nice voice and his style of music is rather nice. Most songs are pretty big on the pop but they have a quirkiness to some of them and there's also this hint of hip-hop that's rather nice and defining as well. All in all, I definitely am into this guy. It's been so long since I've had a Cantonese singer that I can fully embrace so it's nice to know I don't collectively dislike Cantonese music.

Justin has a good many slow songs on this album and although I'm not the biggest fan of the slow songs, most are well song and even I started to like them. "Kong" was a rather good one that I found powerful and I could hear a hint of desperation leaking into his voice, something I like to hear any singer inject into their music. I also liked "Mei Lai Ji Joi" which I found sweet in a nice soft, loving way. It's slow but not too slow and it didn't bore me as I was listening to it as slow songs are oft to do to me.

"Volar" was another one of my favorite as it sounded like something I would listen to in English. It has a really nice beat to it and his vocals match so well... It's just an alluring song that's just a bit shocking at times. Just when you think he's settled down in a nice smooth song, a jarring "girl, girl" shocks you out of your comfort zone. And I liked it.

The last track on the album is called "Chang Sek Su Ga" (Orange Colored Summer -- my translation since I didn't like the ripper's Orange Vacation) and it's a duet with Miriam Yeung, something I was looking forward to listening to since I'm a fan of Miriam's. But then they started "lala'ing." O.O

It's a happy, sweet, nice song. It's just not what I'm looking for right now. I'm sure had it been any moment but right now, I would have been so into it. It's a summer song, if you know what I mean. It's like happy go lucky and nice and all, but I'm not so into it. :\ But still a pretty good song.

So yeah, I uploaded a few of the songs from the album -- my personal favorites and the ones I've mentioned. Usually, when it comes to albums, I find that I have one or two favorite songs, but this one had a good many that intrigued me so I'm giving it a thumbs up. Maybe just a bit too many slow songs for my liking but they were mostly good so that helps things. I just wished there were more faster songs, ones with a faster beat. It's my bread and butter so I would have liked to have heard more of those sort of songs. If anything, download "Kuet Jin Yee Sai Jo" since it's just a really neat song. It totally perked me up for this crappy evening that I had somehow pushed myself into.


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