Aug. 17th, 2006

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I've been avoiding posting to my LJ for the last few days, or at least it seems like it. I've been meaning to, and there have been a good many things I had wanted to comment on and talk about too...

The big major thing in my life recently? Sherry got an iPod! And since I've been wanting one for years, it's so nice that I finally have one! It's the 30 GB video one and although I'm a bit disappointed I can't watch videos on it for longer than two hours on a full battery, I'm pretty happy with it. So far, I'm about 75% done with putting all the songs I want on it on it. There's still a good many albums and singles that I left on DVDs and CDs with Xiao in New York so I have to wait until I get back in order to do that.

Anyway, I'm most happy with it. It even has Solitaire on it! And considering my recent infatuation with Solitaire, it's something I like a lot.

The one downside was when I found out to have a properly organized iPod, I would need properly tagged songs. *dies* It seems as all my songs were in a disarray and I spent the better of two days straight organizing and cataloging them so they'll display all nicely on the iPod. And I'm still not finished. For now, I'm mostly satisfied.

The other thing that's happened? I've finally finished my scarf! It's wicked long but oh so nice and even though it took me about two months to crochet it, I've finally finished! ^^ I'll have to take a picture of it to remember my first completed scarf. It's not perfect but it'll do and it'll definitely keep someone warm in the winter so I'm content. I'm determined to make my next one perfect.

I had finished crocheting last night but I still had to do the tassels. Tassels are EVIL. I had to do them one strand at a time and it too forever since each tassel had six strands and there are twelve tassels in all. *dies* It was such an involved effort and I spent a good time with my yarn needle trying to string them in. There has got to be a better way to do it but my book didn't specify any other time saving methods of making tassels so I don't know... But I finished the tassels today so the scarf can be consider as finished now. ^^

What else did I have to talk about? Well, yesterday I found out that Tackey & Tsubasa have a new single out called Ho! Summer, which I assume is a single for the summer. The first song, "Ho! Summer" is a pretty summer-y type of song so I guess they fulfilled what they were going for.

For me, I didn't particularly love "Ho! Summer." Summer songs in general are a bit too happy for me but there is the occasional one that I would like upon listening to it. "Ho! Summer" just wasn't one of those songs. To me, I felt it was a bit bland and was a bit lacking. Not a terrible song but not something all too remarkable either.

"Taste me," the second track on the single makes me go o.O. I don't know what it's trying to do as a song... It even freaked me out a bit with it's "taste me honey" bits but aside from that part, it's not all too terrible. I have no idea what the female voices are trying to say and I didn't quite like how cacophonous it sounded. The chorus doesn't do anything for me but the rest of it was rather nice.

I had heard the last song "Michi" first accidently (I like to listen to the tracks in a single in order normally) and the small snippet of it that I had heard, I had definitely gotten good vibes from. It had some nice guitar sounds so I was sure that "Michi" would be my favorite song of the single.

So it was surprisingly when I heard the third track "Ken Hate Nu Yume" and how I fell in love with the flowing instrumentals and the oh so wonderful vocals! I love this song! it's just so wonderful! The chorus was wonderful as was the rest of the song. "Michi" was nice and sweet, and soft and it was definitely a good song but "Ken Hate Nu Yume" has personality and is a bit nicer to listen to. I like sweet songs to be more than just a sugarly soft pop song and "Ken Hate Nu Yume" does that for me. And the instruments in "Ken Hate Nu Yume" totally won it for me. For me, it feels like "Michi" is the sort of song that I would like but there's just something in "Ken Hate Nu Yume" that won it out for me... And in "Ken Hate Nu Yume" I hear the voices that I fell in love with. I'm so glad I had run across this single... I really had no idea that they were even releasing a single in August... :\ I'm not so a good of a Tackey & Tsubasa fan I think.


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