Aug. 18th, 2006


Aug. 18th, 2006 02:45 am
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Well, I think I've just heard the longest Mori-senpai has ever talked in Ouran!

I saw For Richer or Poorer's release of Ouran 18-19 and usually I would switch groups in the middle of a series but Lunar has been taking so long with Ouran's Ouran! Really, did my self-control even stand a chance?

I totally loved 18! I never suspected Honey to be so incredibly....weird. He's very cool with his martial arts. I just love Honey-senpai. And his relationship with his brother and with cakes and his Usa-chan is just so cute! You get this sense that he might actually have a deeper side to him as Renge had suggested but it's always blown away but his ultra curtness. The last scene totally made me squee.

But 19... Gah, those Lobelia girls... I dislike females. I always have and because of that, I have no interest in watching anything about girls. And this episode was just so full of girls... :( I didn't like the first episode with the Zuka club and this one was even worse. Ugh. They remind me of the Host club but really, it's so much better watching a bunch of guys rather than a bunch of girls.

And what was with Tamaki? My cute, beautiful Tamaki's face was ruined! T_T But at least he kinda saved Haruhi... Kinda.

Kyouya however was pretty cool. As always. *laughs* It's really neat how he manages to save the day in pure Kyouya fashion. One has to wonder though -- out of all the host members, is he the richest? Seeing as I haven't read the manga, I'm inclined to believe so even though I had hoped it was Tamaki instead. But whatever. They're all rich and that's really the important thing, I guess.

Anyway the next episode will be another Twins episode. I'm still conflicted about how I feel about the twins, especially with liking them more and how their relationship with Haruhi seems to always progress faster than Tamaki with Haruhi but I'm hoping for some great Tamaki moments in the next show. Episode 18 was rather nice in that you saw the greatness of Tamaki and more into Honey-senpai as well. It was like a double dose of goodness. Hopefully I'll get to see some good Tamaki moments in the next episode even if it'll mainly be about furthering the development of the Twins.

Even though I had caved and downloaded FRoP's versions of Ouran 18 and 19, I will most definitely be downloading Lunar's when theirs come out. I didn't quite understand all of the two episodes and I swear, I heard some omitted details that would have made the dialogue make a little more sense. Hopefully theirs will be much smoother. And besides, how can I break my collection of Lunar subbed Ouran episodes?


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