Aug. 31st, 2006


Aug. 31st, 2006 11:38 am
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I wanna go back to Oregon!

This dorm totally sucks ass. It's really as bad as they say it is. For one thing, it's tiny. For another, I have tons of crap and no storage anything. Another the fridge is small. I cook. I probably cook every day. There's no way in hell I'll be stocking up with food this year. T_T

Another thing, bunk beds. Bunk beds. T_T They really are held up by the sheer force of gravity. I'm going to die. I'm so going to die. If my bed doesn't fall apart, I'll probably roll out of bed. Or I'll slip to my death trying to get up and down from those damn things. T_T

What else sucks? Oh! We have dresser desks. As in we have no dressers and we only have slightly larger desks that doubles as dressers. I have so much clothing -- I'm already imagining the nightmare.

God, if you're out there, please transfer me to Water Street. I'll be eternally happy if you could do that for me. *sniffs*

I don't even know how I'm going to get all my stuff from Xiao's here yet... :( I really hate this... :(

Okay, I need to get food. And probably need to buy books if I can at least get that done today... Gotta look up the routes because I really have no idea what the bus times are at all... *sigh*

Next post -- the flight from hell. I'm so shocked I'm not dead... I really had only an hour of sleep so I should probably go and rest but... I feel good. Relatively. *shrugs*
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Who said they were going to find an online 13 game?

Diana! Kent! Let's Play! ^^

But not now. Gotta get to campus to meet up with Xiao for dinner. And to get stuff afterwards. ^^


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