Sep. 1st, 2006

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I haven't eaten in almost 24 hours so first thing first, food. Then, bank to deposit the ungodly amount of money my parents have given me because it's just way to much to carry around and even though my roommate is hardly ever here, I'll feel better if it was somewhere safe. And accessible by my debit card.

Then it's off to Payless Shoes for shoes. Then, K-Mart for supplies that I didn't have the foresight to bring with me. But first shoes. And bank. And food.

God, it looks murky so I have to get my shoes in today or else I could get really screwed... :\

So I'm off... *makes a face* Let's hope to not collapsing something where along the way.
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I'm back and I've realized something. Though fast, I've grown beyond fast food. I stopped by Burger King, my favorite fast food chain since forever, and I just couldn't handle it. The best part of the meal was the Orange Fanta. And it wasn't like it was bad -- it was just what it always was. Yet, I couldn't take it. I should have stopped somewhere else for food... *makes a face*

I bought shoes -- black, comfortable sensible shoes and I hated myself for doing it. I could have bought more sensible, less practical shoes that were colorful and cute but it clashed with my established shoe style (which is more simple, drab, very practical). And now I'm kicking myself for not getting both of them since it was second pair half priced... But I'm trying not to spend money unnecessarily this year and the shoes I bought is nice and all... It can be used in practically any sort of situation aside from possibly evening wear... And it's black so it can match practically anything. And it'll definitely keep my feet from getting wet in the rain... The sky looks murky so that's a good idea... I wonder if I should go to Chinatown tomorrow for some food? It looks kinda rainy so... Yeah, very rainy for Saturday... Monday seems better. We can buy food earlier and then me and Xiao could go to the President's day picnic thing later in the day. I'll probably call her tonight to talk to her about it.

I didn't end up going to K-Mart as I had planned. It seemed pointless to go just for toothpaste. So I just stopped at a pharmacy on the way back from Payless and bought my regular brand. I didn't come across neither a Duane Reade or a Walgreens, not even a Rite Aid on my way back which is so odd for me... Oh well...

So about yesterday... I was so certain I was going to die before getting on the plane remember? I'm pretty superstitious and for the week before, we've all been joking how I was going to die during the plane ride and for a while, I wondered if I wasn't jinxing myself by doing that. And the whole CNN Special Report on airplane gas tank explosions (statistically, one happens every four years and the last one was the TWA one so we're due for another pretty soon) and the documentary on 9/11... I was more than a little convinced about things going wrong this time around.

So I was a bit anxious and worried on the plane and it was most okay for the first hour or so for my flight to Chicago O'Hare. Then suddenly we hit a pretty bad patch of turbulence and the seatbelt sign went on. Just as that happens, the airplane takes a sudden dip down and then we straightened back up. The captain can on the intercom and he ordered all the flight attendants to get to their seats and buckle up as well... My heart nearly stopped. The plane was shaking so hard and I've been through turbulence before (like that one time where we were in a lightning storm) but I've never had a plane dip on me before. And getting the crew to buckle up too -- that has to be pretty bad, right? I was so sure we were going to die in a tragic accident.

Thankfully nothing happened and it went smoother after that aside from some minor turbulence. But I was just really freaked out. Most of the people were asleep so I don't even think most of them were aware of what was happening at all. And that happened in the first hour of my three and half hour flight so for a entire time afterwards, I was just really freaked out.

The flight from O'Hare to La Guardia was so much better though. I managed to get an hour's sleep and that helped me later in the day. I did have a headache after getting off but it was okay.

After I initial checked in and called Xiao, I started to unpack what I brought and that took like ten minutes. And then I did nothing but go on my computer for a while... Nothing there. Around noon, I decided to stop bored myself to death and to go to campus to buy my books. So I did that -- the fastest I've ever done it since there was practically nobody there when I went. Total was $495. *winces*

CAS was having some sort of Student Government festivities going on right outside Silver so I stopped by for free food, free bottles of water and someone from Red Bull even approached me and I received a free bottle of Red Bull. That was basically my lunch right there.

After that I went to the bus stop over at Broadway only to look on in dismay as the Route E bus was driving away. T_T It's a half hour wait for the next one so I just sat there playing Solitaire on my iPod. :( Miserable wait. Hopefully the wait isn't so long once we're not running on modified bus schedules.

As I waited on the street, I noticed the passerby people all holding boxes. Turns out right on the block corner, a couple of people were handing out these coffee cup filter things... I was almost tempted to get one but I realized it would just be another useless thing and I don't have much room in my dorm room anyway so I didn't. But I still want one... :\

Then after I got the books and I got back to 26th Street, I tried reading my Physics book (which is pretty huge O.O) but got bored. And then I tried Japanese and realized I need to study before my first lesson. I forgot how to make "or" sentences only to be reminded later by Xiao that it's by using "ka." And after she said it, it was like "Yes! Why didn't I remember that?"

I was so bored but I couldn't nap... :\ Xiao called me around four so I guess I fucked around in absolute boredom for about three hours. And when you're bored, three hours is insanely long and never-ending. I made plans with Xiao for dinner at sixish so I had nothing to do for another hour and a half... I think I watched some anime that I brought with me, played some online Thirteen...

Dinner was at the new Asian cafe/restaurant on Cantor and it was pretty good. I had Pad Thai which was delicious. And me and Xiao completely caught up with each other. It was great! We talked more than we ate and it was like we never left each other. ^^

Then after dinner, we walked back to her dorm and seeing it's like two avenues and 10 blocks, it was bit far but we talked on our way back so it really didn't seem that long at all. We then proceed to move most of my stuff back here to 26th Street. That took so long... We had to make several trips up and down and then we needed to hail a taxi. It was only $5 though so I was happy. I think I shouldn't have given a tip at all since the guy didn't help me with the stuff so I feel bad about spending money unnecessarily when it was my goal not to this year.

When we got here, my roommate was here. She had basically set up everything. She also has a TV which puts me in a bind. So she's turned her TV away from me so I don't know if that means she doesn't intend on letting me watch it. Should I put up my own TV? Is that normal, one room to have two TVs? Or will I send the wrong message by putting up my own TV? All I need is a splitter so it's not like it'll be that hard to accommodate two TVs and splitters are cheap. I don't know. I have to think about it. I want to finish watching Big Brother All Stars and I want to watch the US Open since Agassi isn't out yet and it is his last year. Not to mention Survivor is going to be separated by race this time and I definitely want to see how the Asians get killed in physical challenges. There's also new seasons of Without a Trace, Law and Order -- I mean I need to get my TV in! I like watching TV. *sigh* I guess I'll have to think about it some more. Or talk to my roommate... I rather not do that... It's not like she's not a nice person, it's more like I have problem with initiating conversations with people. :\ And even if I weren't socially inept, there's also the fact that she's not here most of the time.

I was up until like five AM and she was still out clubbing. I think she came back in the morning sometime... And then she was gone again when I woke up... I don't know if she's coming back tonight because she was talking with her boyfriend about going home with him today... Who knows. I wish she could have left a note or something if she was intending on doing that... I don't know, something along the lines of "Don't panic or call the police if I don't come back, I'm going to my boyfriend's for the night"?

She's a drinker but not a smoker so I guess I have to be thankful for the small things. She's already promised me that she's not a crazy person when drunk nor does she drink excessively so... I mean she's a senior so she's already 21 so she's allowed. Me, I make the choice not to drink so... I'm not sure what to believe yet because she and her boyfriend and best friend had mixed up drinks before going out clubbing so... Who knows? I'm just hoping for a peaceful year.

Last night, I went to sleep on the bed and I didn't fall off! It's been over a decade since I've fallen off the bed completely so I'm hoping this year won't be the year that I destroy that record... I woke up feeling okay and then I stood up. My body is all achy... I don't know if it's the walking or the bed but hopefully it's not the bed. I just couldn't fall asleep last night and all I could think of is "Oh my god, I can't believe I have to spend a whole year here." The school year hasn't started yet, I just arrived yesterday and I can't help but want to go back already. *sigh* I hope once school starts, classes and studying will take my mind off things.

Speaking of classes, since labs and recitation for Physics doesn't start until the 11th, the first week, I have only one class (Japanese) on the first day of classes. It's Japanese at 9:30-10:45 and then I have the rest of the day free. Which is seriously sweet. I get that again on Thursday. I really wish Nadine were visiting this week instead of next because I have so much time to do stuff with her... Ah well, we'll see about next week.

Ah!! Amazing Race is starting up soon too!!! Must have TV by then, must must must!!! The Amazing Race has always, ALWAYS been my favorite reality TV show. It trumps even Survivor which I got into first and started me on the whole reality TV show thing. *sigh* I have to get my TV set up...

Oh! I found Big Brother All Stars full episodes online! I guess boredom is over for the next hour and a half...


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