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Sep. 8th, 2006 03:46 am
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Spitfire is just so cool, isn't he?!

I finally got around to watching the 21st episode of Air Gear and I just loved how he commands his team and the way he has sway over the opposite sex. Just so wonderful! I love it when he's all powerful-like.

I'm totally confused about the whole Megastorm thing... I don't particularly get it completely... So Simca, Behemoth, Spitfire and Nue are all joining Ikki's team? Someone needs to explain to me exactly what this Genesis thing is... It's like they're starting a revolution or something.

It's just so very cool. That's the only way I can explain it. It's just very, very cool. And I have always been swayed by these sort of things so I can't help but get more and more excited. I do feel as though Ikki will totally refuse, or at least he will eventually when he comes to his senses since he seems like the type to build up his legacy bit by bit instead of having it handed to him...

This does make me wonder about Simca. Who was she again? I know she's a Road King but which one? I don't remember. And this whole "built and raised by Simca" thing -- what does that mean?

Ah, I just can't get over how these people seem to be able to command everyone else so easily. It's just

Anyway, Genesis is a new beginning so they're starting a new beginning by merging all these teams together. This whole "love letter" thing -- I feel as though there's some hidden meaning between it. Is it an invitation?

Anyway, the four king and the four regalias exist for toppling Trophaeum's Tower, which isn't Ringo heading? Because she's the leader of the Sleeping Forest? I'm guessing Simca always wanted defeat the Trophaeum but in order to that, they'll have to face Ringo... That would explain why Ringo is so upset at this.

God, the next episode looks to be a filler... I want to know more! I want to find out exactly what is happening for sure... Ah, it's been a while since I was so excited about Air Gear... Before, I was always ahead of the anime because of the manga scanlations but the scanlations are lagging so now the anime has surpassed it... Ah, I want to know more!

The whole call to gather by Iron Clock was just so cool. I totally adored it. So very impressive! I love armies and it just seemed like the gathering of an army under a new general. There's new life to this war and I just love getting caught in the excitement of it all... I just wish I knew what this all meant... And what war are they getting into in the first place.

I can't wait for the next episode even if it's filler. They have to touch on this a bit, don't they? I mean it's a pretty big development... I guess we'll see...

God, that instrumental is just so wonderful when everyone gathers. I must have it. I must. I have the OST... Is it on there...? Ah, must find it...!

edit x1: :( I don't seem to have it... T_T It's just such a beautiful instrumental... So powerful, so good... It's unlike any of the other Air Gear music... It's completely instrumental and natural... Everything fits in so well... I want it... :(
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I forgot how much I loved The Importance of Being Ernest. It was probably the only play I read in school that I actually adored reading.

Now on IFC, they've just finished showing the movie of The Importance of Being Ernest... I had never seen it but now that I have, I've realized how much I do love Colin Firth. Such a great actor! I never would have taken him to have been Jack though...

The other guy who played Algernon -- I remember that he was gay wasn't he? Ah, such a waste of a good man... But to each their own. Imagining him with another yummy guy is almost as fun after all...

I don't understand why they had Jack younger than Algy since he was supposed to be the elder son.... Nor why they had Jack's father named John when Lady Bracknell had confirmed in the play that it was Ernest after all... Although, it did make sense with the whole "you seem to be displaying signs of triviality" line...

So...last night my roommate's boyfriend really did sleep over. It was okay but he does snore a bit... And with two people on the lower bunk had more movement than just one so it was a bit annoying... But I fell asleep rather easily and he was gone when I woke up so it was all good... I kinda wonder what Brittney and Stephanie thought about it because I know they wake up rather early.

Anyway, Jacyln, my roommate has built herself some sort of fort thing on the bottom bunk so I guess I should be thankful that I couldn't see them last night while they were sleeping together. But at the same time, I have to wonder about it... I personally would not do something like that because of what message it sends. I have no idea if she did it because she wanted to isolate herself from me or if it's because I stay up late and I have my desk lamp on... Either way, I feel bad about it... I'm causing her discomfort. As someone who tries to be as unobtrusive as she's able to.... Yeah.

Well, it's not hurting me to have that sheet up, I guess... And obviously is okay with it... I guess I'll just let it go.

It's now 9 PM. I should read Genetics tonight. And start Physics... Yay, reading fun. :\


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