Sep. 15th, 2006

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All of a sudden, LJ went to Horizon last night and I had no idea it even happened... o.O I need keep up with those updates... Anyway, I wasn't really into the whole Horizon thing so I went back to xColibar or whatever it was called that used to be the default...

Anyway, I just got back from recitation... It's absolutely horrible out there. I left 26th Street and it was just drizzling. Somehow in between 26th Street and campus, it started to absolutely pour down rain. And after my class was over, there was even more of it and not only that, but a somewhat strong wind as well. It wasn't too terrible of a wind seeing as my umbrella did hold but I hold no illusions as to whether or not this umbrella will survive this school year. This weather is just miserably icky. I had wanted to make a trip down to Associated and get some food for tonight seeing as I have no food for tonight but I think I'm just going to get into dry clothes and go back to sleep...

Last night I had an impromptu nap which messed up my already messed up sleeping schedule. I'm trying to get myself back to 1 AM but I'm really resisting it. Last night it was more like 4:30 AM and I had class at 10 which mean about 4 hours of sleep (if you factor getting ready to go and travel time). So I'm feeling not all too bad right now so I might not do the nap thing. I don't know.

I wish the weather was better though. It's one of the things I hate about living in the Northeast -- it seems to have much more extreme weather than the Pacific NW. I mean we get a good amount of rain but usually a little over a long period of time. Here it's more like it's all dumped on you in just a couple of days. I think mild is the better way to go. I'm pretty sure this rain is due to that one storm (or was it the other one because wasn't there was a tropical depression heading this way as well?)... See, we don't get that in Oregon. Mild is the way to go people, that's what I always say.

So, my Comparative Politics class was nice. It's only 50 minutes long which is a bit short and very surprisingly. Most classes here are an hour and 15 minutes but somehow this one isn't. *shrugs* Whatever. Next week is a Jewish holiday and my TA is Jewish! Lucky me for not having no recitation next week! ^^

Anyway, he clarified a lot of the confusing points in class this week and I think I'm starting to understand a bit of it. He tried to get us to give Wantchekon another chance seeing as we all probably think he's a bumbling idiot. Apparently, he's actually very well-known in his field. I can say only one thing -- he definitely writes a lot better than he speaks. He just can't seem to get across his point very well with long pauses and silence in between lost trains of thought and poorly chosen examples that only confuse us even more. That and the fact that he doesn't seem to directly answer questions very well... I got some of what he was saying but it could have been clarified so much easier and my TA did that.

I was a bit disappointed I didn't get Simon HCauchard, the French TA. He's so cute! ^^ I like to stare at him during lecture. Ah, the French... *sigh* But Michael, my TA now is not so bad himself. He's from Montreal but he doesn't really have an accent. Me, I'm now pretending that he speaks English and French fluently so he goes up a couple of notches for being an international student and possibly a French speaker. Simon, if of course higher ranked for actually being an international student and a French speaker. I heard him and Professor Wantchekon speaking the other day... Apparently Wantchekon is from Benin so his native language is French (which that sort of African Ivory Coast sort of accent that I wasn't able to place before) so it was very cute. I just love the French. ^^

Okay... I think today is nap then probably laundry. I hope I have enough money on my NYU Card... I need to look into adding money online since I think they have that option now...It'll definitely be more convenient than me trying to find a machine on campus...


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