Sep. 21st, 2006

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*yawns* I'm so dead right now... I should probably go and get some sleep but I have class in less than two hours and I don't want to do anything except crash. At 3 PM, I have Physics recitation and I really don't want to be playing around with icky motion diagrams... Plus, I'm not all together here so I really don't have much patience for that sort of stuff right now. I heard from Janet that she was there for a while and that doesn't make me feel any better... :( I mean it's supposed to last until almost 5 PM and that's a long time! :(

The reason why I'm so tired right now is that I was stupid. I got into SGA two weeks ago (exactly two weeks tomorrow) and I fell for the guy who plays Rodney, David Hewlett. Actually, I think I fell for Rodney more than anything else but I'm all for David if only by association. ^^

Anyway, I found interviews with him about his character Dr. Rodney McKay and his #1 fansite which was really informative and I found his blog and one thing led to another and... Yeah, it just happened. Next thing I knew it was almost 4 AM and I was going through desktop wallpapers and I had only four hours of slept left to me... :\

I was so tempted to go back and sleep. But I didn't. I was even more tempted to go to Kimmel and sleep. But I didn't do that either. I wanted to study so I decided to and get lunch and coffee to keep me awake... And I didn't quite do that either. I've been doing nothing for the past two hours... I got lunch but no coffee and I didn't get any studying done. I'm just feeling crappy so... *makes a face*

I had wanted to talk about Physics yesterday but somehow it didn't quite happen... I'm getting a bit lax with LJ recently and I don't know if it's because of SGA (though I'm certain that it does play a part of it) or if I'm unconsciously distancing myself but the fact is even when I have stuff I want to blog about, I end up not.

Well, today, I'm going to mention something short that I have been wanting to say at the very least. Basically, I had a fire drill last night around 9-10ish. It was...interesting. I'm deathly afraid of stairs, something I'm sure I've mentioned before. Why does this relate? I live on the 25th floor of my building. During a fire drill, everyone has to leave the building and we're not allowed to use the elevators. So I walked down 25 flights of stairs. Go me. I was scared to death and very freaked out through the whole thing though. My suitemates were with me and they were amused at how I was desperately gripping the handrails and walking down so slowly. I can't help it if I'm freaked but it was all good. I should have put on better shoes though -- the slippers I had on had no traction at all and I almost slipped a few times... The stairs are 100% concrete so that would have been very, very bad. And they weren't exactly meant for outside walking and my suitemates had decided to take a walk. It was nice -- we weren't the only displaced dorm residents roaming around. I mean we only have two elevators and 26 floors of apartments so obviously it was going to take a while to get everyone down and out and then back in again.

Oh fuck, I just realized something. I have my first chapter test for Japanese at 2 PM on Wednesday. :( I had been planning on going to the taping of The Daily Show but I guess I'll have to cancel that. Damn. Maybe I should go see RENT on Sunday instead... I mean I can get free tickets to it... But I do have two quizzes on Monday. Damn. I hate it when exams and tests start up... *makes a face*


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