Oct. 2nd, 2006


Oct. 2nd, 2006 08:19 pm
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So I procrastinated until now -- about three hours after I got back from class. Not smart but to be absolutely truthful, an hour of that was spent cooking and eating dinner. I went at the cucumbers I bought yesterday (oh, god, I had forgotten how much I loved cooked cucumbers in a light sweet garlicky sauce) and the kau yuk that I bought back from home that I hadn't gotten around to eating yet. It was a full dinner in that I can still feel it even though it's been an hour after I had eaten.

Anyway, my suitemates aren't around which is surprising since they're like me and are always here. I'm still in my very empty dorm room... I've branched out to the other desk which I've put my TV and my lap on. It's been moved to face the window so I get nice direct sunlight when the sun's out and a fabulous view when I'm studying at night. And it's a nice place to relax and watch TV (which I spent all of last night doing -- my kanji quiz so suffered for it). And to study. Yeah, that too. It has room to study which is always nice. ^^

Henry Burton is at Oxford. Tell me that doesn't just make you depressed...

Anyway, I got sidetracked by Facebook because Sherry friended me. And of course I had to go back and friend her back. ^^ Okay, back to Physics. I actually kinda get it now, yay!

And I so am in love with Nickleback's song "If Everyone Cares." It's so angsty and so painful in a social commentary sort of way which makes it really neat. And I'm also thinking that The Rasmus' "In My Life" is just perfect for Rodney's relationship with John. Totally perfect! Although, I have to say that I do keep hearing "If you can't get it up, give it up" instead of the correct "If you can't give it up, give it up" but seriously, "get it up" works so much better. ^^


Oct. 2nd, 2006 10:06 pm
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Hiro is just a laugh, seriously. I half watch Heroes just for him (a cute little play on words, isn't it?)

And oh my god, I can't believe this sort of show is on NBC! It's like a riveting sci-fi book that I would read! I can't wait until all the Heroes meet up with each other and to see how Hiro reacts to traveling to the future... That is just very cool.

Ah, I'm adoring this show. I'm a bit depressed that Claire's daddy is the "face of evil" though but it is so true...That guy really creeps me out... This does kinda feel like a comic book story though. And I can't believe how much I'm enjoying it because really, this isn't my type of show normally....

My Physics lab report turned out to be really easy and I ended up with minimum errors after I had corrected my x and y components. I had some wrongly negated and some mixed up with each other so now they all make sense and work. I'm glad -- minimum errors means higher lab score! ^^


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