Oct. 5th, 2006

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I'm so screwed with Physics, it's not even funny any more... :( I just wanna skip all my classes today and work and just devote myself to studying all day today...

But I can't because I actually have homework due and it'll be pointless to not go to the Physics recitation. And I like the teachers I'm working with this year so...yeah.

Ugh, still I think it's going to be an all nighter tonight... :(

Anyway, I got the Artist Newsmail thing about Kimeru from CDJapan when I woke up today. A collaboration between Kimeru and Daisuke Asakura... I'm relatively excited about this -- DVD + singles always do it for me, especially if there's PVs being offered. But really, all I know of Daisuke Asakura is Gravitation and from the stuff that [livejournal.com profile] hybrid_incubi sent me last year... I bet he's feeling the excitement more than I am at least...

Right now I'm just hoping that a song like "Starry Heavens" will sound as good as it promises. I've always liked that title...

Okay, after I get back today, I must preorder this. And then it's a whole day of studying. I just don't want to be as screwed as I feel right now tomorrow...

Oh god...

Oct. 5th, 2006 08:13 pm
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I'm getting a new roommate. A bit bummed about it but who won't be when faced with the prospect of possibly having a room to herself? Ah well, the week was good while it lasted I guess...

Anyway, I'll have to move all my crap around since I've basically expanded to take up the entire space. I like the way the room is arranged now so I'm not going to move the desks back because the way it is now would at least give me the best view while studying. I will miss having to desks -- on to go on the computer with and the other to do homework. *sigh* Oh well...

This will be different though, having a roommate again... I'm still mixed about the whole thing... I'm not the easiest to live with -- I listen to music all the time in languages not in English, I watch a ton of TV, I don't study until late at night, I don't sleep until the early hours of the morning, I sleep late and I tend to nap in the middle of the day. I'm always around no matter what...I'm not very social or talkative but that's because most of the time, I sincerely don't care about the lives of the people I'm talking to (though I try to make an effort anyway). If she's another person who needs complete darkness to sleep, I think I will die. And if she's the type to bring people around a lot... Yeah. See, I'm not like that, Brit and Steph aren't like that so we're really not used to having people over... It's like -- woah... Like when Jacyln brought people over, I couldn't help but think "okay, ignore them and hope they go away soon." Yeah, have I mention not very social? Although this would probably be characterized as not very hospitable. But hey, I was never mean or rude or anything. I didn't know them, they didn't know me -- I don't see a reason to interact so I didn't.

Okay. I'm glad I wrote something about this. It's bothering me a bit in the way that I always go "OH MY GOD, PEOPLE!!!" in my mind since I wholeheartedly believe in avoidance of people. I mean people are scary... My fear of people is pretty deep, even if I've managed to cope with it over the years... And unknown people are scarier...

Okay, I procrastinated enough. Back to physics! I'm so screwed by the way. *laughs* I should care more but somehow... Yeah, not so much.
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August 3, 2001.

I missed my own LJ's five year anniversary...

Yeah, procrastinating a bit...

Math is evil. I've decided that it's not just Physics that's kicking my ass but really the math part of it is doing a pretty good job too. It's been too long since I thought in math terms. LIke something is 3/4 of entire length. I got held up at 3/4 and failed to see that it would be 3y and the missing length would be y itself and once you get there, it's really the matter of plugging in numbers. I'm an idiot. That's what I've came up with.

So right now I'm going on, gonna study, possibly not sleep.... Or sleep very little... :\ I'm probably going to skip my recitation but... It's really not necessary I think... :\

Okay back to studying. I have Pepsi, a lot of chocolate and Red Bull -- somehow with a combination of the three, I should be right as rain...righ?


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