Oct. 13th, 2006


Oct. 13th, 2006 07:08 pm
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I think I lost my umbrella somewhere... And I think I lost it a while ago... :(

This is really sad. Here I thought I had it hidden away in my room but I guess I just left it in a classroom the last time I used it... *makes a face* This makes me really sad though -- I thought I remembered to bring it back with me but I guess not...

Now I have to go and buy a new one. I mean it's fall and that means rain here in New York. God damn it, and I had just warmed up to that umbrella too. I hate it when I'm so forgetful that I lose things... And I almost always forget my umbrella when I leave it on the ground during class.

The only thing I can think of now is that perhaps Jaclyn accidentally took it but that would be illogical. For one thing if she did, she would have given it back to me. And it would be kinda stupid to take something that wasn't yours and I can't believe she would do something like that... So now I'm umbrellaless. And sad because of it. :(
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I so want one!!! If anyone wants to make incredibly happy -- get me a Gordian's Knot for my birthday or Christmas. I'm just saying and throwing that out there as possible gift ideas...

Anyway, the thing that prompted this? I just watched Numb3rs, a show I hadn't even know existed until a few days ago that I saw that it's something season is on DVD. It's on it's third season now -- three years it's been on and I have never bothered to watch it at all...

I liked it though. It's so mathy with cool geniuses and you know how I am with smart people. And they talked about Zero Point Energy!!! ZPM reference! Well, sorta. I totally squealed over it though. It was wonderful! I'm trying to download the first season now -- I want to see how this all started because it's just so different. But in a good way. :)

But they had been playing with a Gordian's Knot on the show and as a curious person, I really want to try playing with it. I had a Rubik's Cube once upon a time ago and while I totally sucked at it, I want to go up against the Gordian's Knot. I so want it now... I wonder where I can go to get one in Manhattan...

Hmm... I think I'll do an online search. Ya gotta love the internet, right?


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