Oct. 14th, 2006

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I went down to buy a nail clipper and going down on the elevator, it stopped seven times, one of which was on the second floor and no one got on. Coming down from the 25th floor, stopping seven times gets aggravating and annoying. I know it couldn't have been helped, but the last stop on the second floor -- I mean really, do people don't know there are stairs?

Well, to be truthful, one of the elevators seem to be out so I guess that's why it was all channeled into the other one. Oh, well at least I didn't wait all that long for it to get up to me. And that is slightly surprising because I'm all the way up at the 25th floor.

Anyway, I took a little walk around and collected a few menus from the surrounding restaurants. And I found a little bakery that seems to serve bubble tea. Score! ^^

Right now I'm enjoying some Green Tea Pocky. It's my first time so I can safely say I had no expectations. But I had had green tea before and I remember that as not being all too favorable. It does have a slight green tea aftertaste that I'm not liking but it's a lot creamier than I thought it would be.

It was slightly surprising to find it all of a sudden at Hong Kong Supermarket yesterday -- last year I combed Manhattan for them for [livejournal.com profile] code_k but had no luck at all. And I'm pretty sure I checked HK Supermarket as well. So when I saw it there, I just had to get some. And now I'm eating it.

All in all, it's not too bad. It has a cute color (my favorite color is green) but I still think my favorite Pocky flavor is banana. :)
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"Come on, we both know you've been a lot more than just a teacher to Charlie" said from Charlie's dad to Larry over chess.

I don't go for age gaps nor do I go for student-teacher relationships and Charlie was a former student of Larry's. Sure they're now colleagues and pretty much equals. I mean Charlie looks over Larry's equations for him -- I can't see any better indication that they don't particularly see each other as student and teacher any longer.

But, still, as a consummate slasher that I am, I can see such suggestive behavior. Ever since last night when I saw my first episode of Numb3rs and now that I've seen the first nine episodes of the first season.

And seriously, I'm seeing so many parallels here. I see connections to The Sentinel with Charlie looking so much like Blair -- short, curly hair, academic even if Charlie is a full-fledged genius and professor when Blair was just an average grad student. And he's in applied mathematics which of course reminds me of Sheppard since didn't he major in applied math in fanon? And there's always the whole Larry is a physicist who was studying zero point energy.

If I weren't completely against the whole incest thing, I would so have a Don/Charlie thing going on big time. They would be cute but since they're brothers, I am liking the whole brothers/male bonding thing a lot as well. it's always been my thing. I love brothers... *sigh*

Anyway, while researching Numb3rs (yes, I've already confirmed I'm a total geek), I found out that the guy who plays Charlie is that snarky elf Bernard from The Santa Clause 2. And now that I think about it, he does look awfully a lot like it. Older yes, but still kinda impish. I am starting to like Numb3rs though -- it's a lot of math but I just love my geniuses. ^^


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