Oct. 23rd, 2006

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Is it just me or does Melitta's "Ready, Set, Joe" make weak coffee? I like mine stronger, though usually doctored with lots of sugar and milk but still... I tried it for the first time since getting the thing on the street the first week back (who am I to refuse a free sample?) to school but I hadn't had a chance to use it.

The thing comes with six free filters plus coupons for Melitta products ($2 off coffee and $1 off filters) so I thought I would try the thing. It work incredibly easy and it's fast as well. But the coffee didn't taste so...good. Maybe I did it wrong -- I wasn't aware I was supposed to pour the water in a clockwise fashion to agitate the grounds or whatever...

For those who are not aware of the "Ready, Set, Joe" it's basically this cup that you place on top of a mug that you place a filter in. You put in it coffee grounds and pour in hot water and coffee drips into the mug. It's really a cute idea and it's nice for one servings of coffee. Plus it's really fast which I like a lot. And it comes in a variety of colors. I would have liked the blue one or the green one but I was given the purple one. It's not bad really.

I did a little search on it and apparently people like it. And they think it delivers a pretty good coffee that is as if you've used an automatic machine. :\ Maybe I needed to put more than just a teaspoon of coffee then... I don't know.

Tomorrow I will have a Starbucks frappucino to wake me up. Surprisingly, those pack a punch. And I'll be going to my favorite coffee stand and getting a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll sandwich. Or maybe sausage instead of bacon. Well see what I feel up for tomorrow...

Anyway, the caffeine is kicking about now -- I feel perky already! -- so at least it served its purpose of waking me up. Or maybe it's the sugar in the coffee... I like said, I like it doctored with lots of sugar (four teaspoons!). It's 1 AM. I have seven lines more to memorize for my oral. And I've realized my monologue is not that bad. It's just that I have to remember where I turn right and where I turn left and where I just go right or left... After, that, I'll probably be doing another hour going over case studies. Yay. Going to do that now...
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Someone on my flist just posted that the first episode of Torchword is out!!! I had no idea! And from what I hear, a m/m kiss plus canon mpreg! ^^ So my type of thing. And I think Jack's back! Yay! I've always liked Jack... It was kinda see him just disappear from the show all of a sudden...

Anyway, if I wasn't totally swamped (lab report, Japanese essay, Japanese midterm, all for tomorrow), I would so go and download it and watch it but I barely have time to breath at this moment so...

Okay, I'm going to get breakfast and then study through Physics. Stupid, I know, but I'm just starting to freak a bit about Politics.


Oct. 23rd, 2006 04:59 pm
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I am about ready to collapse. The caffeine in me ran out sometime during Genetics recitation so I'm not really sure what we covered....It seemed familiar since it's basically all stuff we did in MolecCell but I wasn't playing attention...Especially when they were going on about BLASTing things... Man, I hate Genomics...

The oral went well. The Comparative Politics midterm was surprisingly long but I only had trouble with one thing and that was the Nigeria vs India, why did the parlimentarism fail question (so should have studied it more!!! We talked about it in lecture too!) but that was only five points. I could have gone on and on for the mini-essay but didn't have enough time. I barely addressed corruption... :\ And the way they wanted us to break it up was annoying because they were all related and I think there were parts in other parts...

What else? Genetics quiz was ridiculously easy -- totally confident that I got it all right and I finished in like three minutes and one of those was spent making sure I hadn't made any mistakes...

I'm so ready collapse now... But I still have to do my lab report (which I'm going to do now), my essay which I'll do after that and I need to study hardcore for the Japanese midterm. :( This is not fun, not fun at all... :(

Okay, study. Yeah. Ugh....


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