Oct. 30th, 2006


Oct. 30th, 2006 06:14 pm
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I missed Physics today... It was that damned Daylight Savings! I reset my clock wrong and instead of it being AM, I set it accidentally to PM and because my alarm was already set from a while ago, it was still set for a normal AM waking up time. But my clock thought it was night.

One minute I was looking at my clock thinking I had twenty minutes to sleep left and the next I knew, it was 10:10 and it was two hours later and that I had missed Physics. Thankfully that is the only class I missed and is really the only class that I never really pay attention to (the book is much easier and he goes off way too often to be comprehensible anyway) so I'm not too upset at it all but it threw me for the longest time.

So... I'm eating a salad. I don't eat salads. But I'm eating a salad for dinner. I had salad materials and I wanted to try out a mixture of my Thai peanut sauce and Hoisin and really, it's quite good on a salad. I made a normal leaf lettuce salad, added some shrimp in it and smothered it with the peanut/Hoisin sauce. It's a bit sweet and tangy with just a hint of spiciness that is rather nice. I think I might make this again sometime. Although next time I'm going to use less peanut sauce. It may be cheaper here in New York, but using a ton and drowning the veggies kinda suck. I think part of the problem was that the lettuce still had a lot of water hanging off of it from when I washed it and that diluted the sauce and caused this minor flooding on the bottom. But still, it was very yummy surprisingly and I'm glad to find out that my dislike of salads is not true for all salads.

Tonight shall be...Physics. And Physics lab. And possibly more Physics after that. Yay, right?
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PRECAUTION in very big letter right before the description of a Physics lab. It was also accompanied by this warning "In this experiment a steel ball is projected horizontally across the room with sufficient speed to injure a person. Be sure the "line of fire" is clear before firing the ball, and be aware of other students who are preparing to do so." I added the italics. ^^

All I have to say is "Well, duh." and also, had we been doing this lab in high school, wow, that would have been bad. We would have had no self control at all. I could easily imagine an all out war with these things. But seeing as we are "grown-ups" now and our lab is rather late (3:00 PM - 5:00 PM), most of the time we just want to get the hell out as quickly as we can so we can go and do other stuff so I doubt there'll be much monkeying around.

I finished that lab that drove me nuts last night. I realized I had placed some numbers in the wrong columns and once that was fixed, it was all good. You know what the really sad thing is? My lab is seven pages long. Of those seven pages, one is the cover sheet and another is my theory/conclusion/error analysis. That leaves FIVE pages of data and calculations. God, it drove me nuts doing them all! It's absolutely crazy how many there are... I have these crazy looking charts now that are so chalk full of numbers that it's almost mind-boggling. I'm not even sure I know how to read the damn thing. And it took me three hours to do all the calculations! Three hours! I'm now mourning the loss of my night. It's already 10:30 which is like absolutely incredible in my mind. *shakes head* I almost can't believe it.

So now that I'm finished, I'm off to do Physics studying or at least what I can do of it. :\

edit x1: Oh good, I think I've developed a fondness for slightly overripe pears. I had forgotten just how good they are... I ate my last one just now and I wish I had more... :(


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