Nov. 14th, 2006

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I had almost forgotten that a new Kimeru single was about to be released! I preordered like ages ago so it's slipped my mind completely but I was listening to Timeless today and then it hit me that didn't [ profile] code_k mention it a couple days ago? And it's been a couple of days so I thought I would go and see much much longer I had until it was released. Turns out it releases tomorrow!

So I poked around the CDJapan website a bit and came across samples from this newest single. Starry Heavens I had already heard a clip of already and I already knew I was into the song. And listening to it again did not dim my first impression on it. But then I found the White Night clip, something I had missed when I first went through the Nippon Crown website (though why I missed it is now perplexing me...) and I went O.O!!! When I first heard it. The beginning is just so...different! It's something that I haven't heard from Kimeru before! It's a bit different than the clip on Nippon Crown (the chorus I presume and in that one you can clearly hear the Christmas-y theme that it has) and while you can hear it a bit in the clip on CDJapan, it's mainly of the beginning and it's absolutely beautiful! Before I was only a little bit excited to get a new Kimeru CD but now I can't wait for it! I want that song! It just sounds amazing. For a moment there while I was listening to it, I wondered if it was even Kimeru but I've listened to Kimeru for years now and have obsessed over him for years now -- I doubt I'm going to mistake his voice. I mean the clip itself is a little grainy, but I hear Kimeru-bits to it so I'm pretty certain it's him. There's just some sounds that are uniquely Kimeru, you know? Anyway, I'm all happy now because of it. ^^

And since there was that little PV of Starry Heavens that I hadn't seen before either (that I remember hearing about at least -- but I blame not seeing it before now on my blackhole month of finals), I went and watched that as well. I might as well since I was already there, it's 1 AM and I'm procrastinating like hell -- I should really study for my Japanese test but... I am studying. Really I am. There's just stuff that I really don't want to touch like the word "ireru." For some reason, it's being used as "to turn on" but we know that word to mean "to insert/to put in/to include" and verb we normally use for "to turn on" is"tsukeru" so I'm confused. And it really doesn't help that we're doing transitive/intransitive right now. :\ Oh well, I'll figure it out I guess. Hopefully before 2 AM...

Anyway, the clip of the Starry Heavens PV (my last act of procrastination for the night). It has a lot of water in it. But I was happy to see people other than Kimeru. That's become a big thing with me. Even though I love Kimeru, I've always wished his PVs were less Kimeru-centric if that makes any sense. There's just so much someone can take of Kimeru swaying around and a great lover of a good story, I like music videos to convey a story which doesn't really work if you're just moving around in one place in a neat location. I think that's why I really loved the OVERLAP PV (which is still my favorite PV of Kimeru's) since he moves around, he goes places, he changes location. It's a somewhat of an abstract story but I have a fondness for stuff like that so it was up my alley. Anyway, I know I definitely like the song (still very Kimeru-esque with a different sort of feel to it) from what I've heard thus far and I know I'm going to adore White Night so I think I'm going to be anxiously watching my mailbox this week (hoping against hope I get it by Saturday but it'll most likely be Monday or Tuesday).

And now I guess I have to study. :\

edit x1: And I just realized that the regular version of the single of Starry Heavens has a live version of COLOR on it... I love COLOR! A lot! It was my favorite song off of Glorious! This makes me kinda sad. Still, even if I had known, there was no way I would have bought it just for the one track, no matter how much I might want to. But it is a bit sad that I won't get to hear it... Oh well, at least I get the Starry Heavens PV, right? As far as I'm concerned, it seems like a good tradeoff.

edit x2: Okay, I lied. Not my last bit of procrastination. But how could I resist watching a video about a sushi callenge in NYC? Really, how could I? Eating 52 pieces of sushi in 20 minutes and if so, gets them all for free. I would never be able to do it but I would like to try someday...

And now I really want to go to Yummy Village and get some sushi. Or just get sushi in general. Methinks sushi for tomorrow's lunch...
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I'm so depressed now... The one class that I was looking forward to taking closed before I could register. :( Now instead of Gene Structure and Function, I'm doing Intro to Ecology. I don't really even care about ecology! But I needed some sort of bio elective and I really didn't want to do Vertebrate Anatomy. :(

And I'm going to do Economic Principles. I don't know why but I was advised that to keep my options open, I should do something along those lines... So now I have an 8 AM class. JOY. Not only that, but my Physics lab and recitations are from 5:00 PM to 6:50 PM. And that Ecology course? At least it's once a week but it's 5:00-7:30. That's going to be interesting... I'm very tempted to work four days a week and then have Fridays to myself... But if I do that, switch working on Fridays to Mondays, then I'll have to change my recitation to be on Friday instead... I really don't want to have a class that should not miss on a Friday... Not only that, if I don't do that, then there'll be this big gap on Mondays from 12:15 to 3:30. I could work during that time but that would only be like an hour and a half if you take traveling... I could studying during that gaps but... I don't know... I had it all thought out but now... :\

I'm going to keep on trying to get into that course anyway. There's no waitlist but if I get in, everything else can be dropped and I can have my schedule the way I wanted it to be.

Wow, with the way it is now, I'm going to be working 17 hours a week. O.O I should take Wednesdays off too or something... That's a lot to be working... :\ I can always sleep for the 3.75 hours in between Japanese and my Ecology class... See, with Gene Structure, I would have not have work anyway because it's from 2:00-4:45 (so I could have taken Ecology along with had I wanted).

I'm not happy about this schedule at all. Friday classes. 8 AM classes (even more unhappy about). There's another section of Economics but it conflicts with Japanese.

Wait, I have an idea. I think I'm going to take Economic Principles II (P) instead of I since you don't have to take them together. I can just switch recitations and I won't have class on TR until 11:00. That sounds good. So I work three days a week for a total of 13.25 hours a week which is about how much work now anyway. This sounds good. I'm more happier with this I think...


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