Dec. 3rd, 2006

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I love my roommates. I think they're great and that I'm probably damn lucky to have such nice ones. We've lived together for the past two years and we're on our third year together. And we work really well together. But there are times when they annoy me.

Like when they use my stuff and don't clean it. Or when they burn my stuff and don't clean it. Or when they eat my food.

Like today. I bought sandwich materials yesterday with the expressed purpose of making and eating sandwiches. What I don't count on? The fact that someone has used up ALL of my mayo! I haven't used that much mayo this year and I certainly don't remember using up nearly all of it. The jar's in there but there's like nothing left. What is with that?

Then there's the whole not washing the dishes thing. I've been washing a lot of them because when I cook, I need the cookware and if it's been used, well, I can't exactly cook now can I? And once I've started washing, I might as well wash the other stuff that's there because that would be stupid to leave everything else and just to wash the ones I need.

And what I still find annoying even though it was like two months ago? The fact that Steph used my rice spoon to cook with. My rice spoon!!! You don't cook with the rice spoon -- it's for rice exclusively! Not to mention it's plastic for god's sake! And NOT heat resistant. You can't cook with something like that! She ended up staining it red. :( I bet it was marinara sauce... :( I felt so incredibly horrified when I found out that it was almost funny if I'm still not sad about it.

Okay, I've gone to my happy place. I'm not a type of person to hold grudges. It's all good. Except now I have to go and buy mayo soon. I have a whole loaf of bread, some expensive green leaf lettuce and a whole pack of turkey bologna that would go to waste without mayo. I mean who can eat a sandwich without mayo? It just would be wrong.

I had actually planned on making breakfast for lunch today but I woke up too late and I didn't feel like taking so much time to make food. So I've decided to reverse it. I was planning on sandwiches tonight but I guess it's good that I found out about this today rather than before. I could pop down right now and go and get some mayo... Maybe I should actually... I don't particularly want to leave but I guess I could... :\

Ah whatever. I'll go. I was planning on making sandwiches for lunch tomorrow so I need mayo. And it's getting late so I don't want to go when the sun's going down. It's always colder when that happens... :\

Man I wish I knew about this yesterday when I was at the store buying stuff... :\


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