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Dec. 9th, 2006 09:07 pm
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It's absolutely driving me nuts! For the past hour, I've been trying to find this book series that I read back when I was in middle school (a long, long time ago) about this boy who I think was a prince or someone of importance, whose parents had died and who had been separated from his sister. He was imprisoned or forced to work as a servant or something like that. And he went on this search that lasted several books for dragons and he himself had a dragon and his sister had a dragon and in this universe, dragons were paired off with a special someone and they could communicate almost telepathically. And in one of the books, there was something about a lute or a flute or some sort of special instrument that they were searching for. And they found ice dragons or something like that.

I don't remember enough of it to pinpoint exactly what the series was called. I don't remember what it's really about. I don't remember the titles of the books. I don't remember the series name. I don't even remember who the author was. But I just want to read this series again because I can vaguely remember loving it, reading it many times... I think the author was a guy but even that I can't be sure about. And I get this feeling that music had something to do with it... :\

I read it a lot in middle school because it was my middle school library. But after I left, I never read it again because that was the only place that had it... Now I wish I had written it down somewhere. Back then I could always find it, would have known exactly what it was called and the series name. Now it's been too long. I mean it's been like seven years since I was last in middle school... :(

I wonder if I can go and search my old middle school library? I would be kinda sketchy but still... It's too badly Radley isn't there still because he so would have let me go through the books.

What prompted this sudden interest in an old dragon book that I read? I saw the commercial for Eragon and that reminded me of the series... I kinda want to see Eragon, kinda don't since it's finals time and I won't have that much time to spare for a movie. But still... :\

Okay, I need to get my mind off this. I have to do Japanese and my assignment today or else I'm screwed tomorrow for the Genetics exam... This weekend feels over already. :(
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I can't believe it's offline! I mean sure, it's been a long time since there's been an update but still... :( I have this urge to read two scenes -- one in Jumpstart (the first episode!) and the other in the third season where Lucas showed off his skills at hacking when he implanted a virus into the enemies' computers.

And now that it's offline, the entire collection of the episodes are gone. This is so very sad! The saddest part of this? I don't have the CD with all my old fanfics on it that has the entire series saved on it. :( It's at home and by the time I get back there, I probably wouldn't be into anymore...

Oh, yay! I found some of it hidden away. It doesn't have the season 3 ep that I wanted to read but at least it has Jumpstart. ^^


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