Dec. 11th, 2006

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I finished a recurring dream that I've had for a while but never have finished. It was about these crazy medieval people who were chasing us because we were trying to destroy them. We weren't really attacking them per se, but they wanted to destroy the two keys that would lead to their destruction and we were trying to destroy them by finding those two keys.

Eventually, I got cornered with one of the keys after we were rescued by the other good, medieval people but then one of them turned out to be a traitor and we had to escape with the key again.

Actually, now that I think about it, I didn't finish this dream... I just didn't die with more footage than last time... Okay, now I want to finish this dream. It's getting just a little annoying.

Anyway, I took a nap just so I could be a bit more clearheaded to study a billion kanji words and a billion vocab words for tomorrow's test. That's definitely going to be a joy to do. Yay. The way I figure it? I have about five or so hours to devote to it completely tonight.

Although, I have to wonder about whether or not to eat something. I always wake up not hungry despite how long it's been since I last ate. I had a sandwich around four and that was almost six hours ago so technically, I should be hungry now... :\

Oh well, kanji, kanji. Four chapters, four supplements. That's going to be fun, fun fun. :\


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