Dec. 16th, 2006

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It's sad that I'm so happy to see mention of it on national news. There are like three climbers that are currently lost on it and have been for the past couple of days so there's a big search for them right now. What is making it hard is the weather is absolutely horrible right now. Yesterday, the storm hit it hard and half of Hood River and from what I heard all so was all of Parkdale were without power. Apparently my house was part of the half of Hood River that was without power. I'm a bit envious -- it's been so long since I was in a lasting blackout. :( And apparently there was no school for the public schools either because power wasn't restored until the afternoon. Which is nice for my brother and all the other students because it was their last day before Winter Break.

Anyway, it's been on the news and they mention our mountain and I think people are hearing about Hood River for the first time. It's sad that it's for something so tragic but it still thrills me a bit. I mean it's my hometown! ^^

Hopefully, they'll find the climbers alive... I think one of them is from Brooklyn and that was why I saw it on the local news here. I think none of them had climbed the mountain before but despite that, they thought they could get to the summit in a day. And they didn't bring a map either. I can't help but think that's a bit stupid though... An unfamiliar mountain, no map... :\

I hear the weather is going to let up tomorrow so hopefully they'll be able to find them then...

I miss home though. Seeing it on TV makes me miss it even more. I'll be back next week but until then, I have to suffer through some nasty finals. I don't want to study, I really don't. I have no desire to study Physics even though I know I have to. I'll be so glad when it's all over on Tuesday. Thankfully, I end with an easy final and after that, me and Janet are going to see Jon Stewart again! ^^ Janet was sad about missing it last time since she wasn't on my floor and it was floor event sort of thing, so this time we've decided to go together. ^^


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