Dec. 23rd, 2006

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Well, I'm finding myself with nothing to do... By this time tomorrow, I will be in the air, headed to Denver where I hope not have run into any trouble there or here at La Guardia. I've arranged for Super Shuttle to pick me up tomorrow a week ago so that part of it is done at least. I've heard all this bad stuff about Super Shuttle, but I've used it to go to the airport a number of times before and they've always showed up. They've never gotten me to the airport late and I've never had any sort of trouble with them. But I still have them on speed-dial just in case they're late. They're supposed to show up around 11:45-12 PM and for a 3:30 PM flight, I should get there with ample amount of time. Barring 10 other pick-ups after me (god, I hope not, I hate being the first picked up) and traffic from hell, I should be good.

I'm pretty much all packed. I did my laundry as I had planned, although the day didn't go as planned. I woke up around 11 AM, a little early for me but I was dead last night and couldn't stay up all that late. I think I finally succumbed around 1:30 AM or maybe around 2... Don't really remember it all too well actually. But I woke up, did some stuff online, watched a little TV, made my breakfasty-lunch of a roast pork bun (note to self: don't microwave buns because they make them hard once they cool down), two eggs scrambled and some pseudo-home fries. It was surprisingly good. After that, I tried to read some fics, watch some TV... I went and did the dishes and thought about doing the laundry since I had to do it eventually...

But then I saw how it looked outside. They were right when they said on the news last night that the afternoon would be sunny. When I woke up, it was still pretty overcast but it totally cleared up and was all nice and blue and sunny looking. It made me wish I had planned my day out for today rather than yesterday since it was drizzly all day yesterday. :\ I thought about going out and doing something but then again, I really didn't need to go out so I didn't.

And then I got up on my bed, cocooned myself in my comforter and I took a nap,. Why, I'm not really quite sure. I wasn't all that tired or sleepy but I just fell asleep anyway. I napped for about two and a half hours which is usually my limit anyway with naps. I remember some neat dreams, something dealing with espionage but specifics elude me as they often do after waking up.

After I woke up, I finally did my laundry. I was a bit worried about it because I knew I was running low on my Campus Cash balance and I knew I didn't have any quarters... And the Campus Cash machine here at 26th St. is always broken so I wouldn't have any way to put more money on my card. :(

Thankfully, the machine wasn't broken but even better, I had just over $2 left on my card which is just enough for me to wash and dry my clothes! ^^ I was insanely happy.

In between doing my clothes, I had my dinner which was really yummy. It was last night's dinner's leftovers but last night's dinner was really good. And surprisingly, the sesame beef tasted even better today than yesterday. I have no idea why but I don't really care either. *shrugs*

I've packed now that I have clean clothes to pack with. Everything that I can pack is pretty much packed -- my toiletries, my clothes, my textbooks (evil Japanese and even evilier Physics), the curry... I just haven't packed up my laptop and external harddrive which I won't since there's no way in hell that I would deprive myself of my laptop and more importantly, the internet, until the last possible moment. This year, I have an external harddrive to think about. It's not too big, but it's a bit heavy. I don't want to carry it in my laptop bag because with my laptop and all the stuff that goes with it, it usually gets a bit heavy. And I hate how it always seem to choke me to death. So I might put it in my carry-on bag.

I don't usually like carrying a big carry-on bag, but usually I do because I can't trust the airlines not to lose my bear. And I love my Bear-chan so I usually put him in my carry-on bag. But they can get heavy because that's all that stuff I can't bear to lose -- my CDs which are heavy, my Kimeru stuff, my books... I had been playing with the idea of bringing another bag because I can check two and have one as a carry-on but I really don't have that much stuff this time so...

But since I normally pack my bear, I usually do it last because I don't want Bear-chan to be squished longer than necessary... So that will be going last. I think I'll have ample enough room and if I do, I might bring something more. But that won't be until tomorrow.

So I'm pretty much all free now. I don't know what to do now... I'm getting kinda hungry again. Well, not so much hungry as I feel like I want to be munching on something. And right now, I want something yummy and savory and what I have like that now is the last of my pork buns. And that has been set aside for tomorrow's breakfast. I also have an apple left and an egg tart. I had planned on eating the egg tart as desert but now that I realized I have an apple, I know I have to eat that first. So I might move the tart for breakfast as well. I don't usually do sweet foods for desert but it could work out.

So now I'm eating my apple. I just got back into eating apples recently and this is the last of my latest batch. I've also taken to eating them with the skin still on it, something I have never done. I usually can't stand skins, no matter what the fruit. I even prefer grapes to be peeled. But now I'm finding that with the skin on the apple makes it have a neat texture that I'm not so adverse to now that I'm older. *shrugs*

But I still have nothing to do. I feel like I'm just wasting time until I leave the dorm tomorrow to fly home... It's like channel surfing, internet surfing... And it's not as fun as I hope and it doesn't consume as much time as I would hope either... :\

I have some Babylon 5 episodes. And I have some Lois & Clark ones as well... And some manga and anime that has piled up because I haven't been watching them.... Hopefully I won't run through them too quickly... :\

Everything has been planned and I'm running too ahead of schedule. It makes me anxious without something I should be doing when I know it has to end soon... I just have some random dishes to do and to take out the garbage. And then I'll really have nothing to do so I'm holding off for the moment, almost as if I don't do that, I'll start to feel as though I have something that I need to do... Masha still hasn't written me yet so I can't even use answering her email as something to do... :( And this whole "write on my LJ" thing to waste time is not coming along too well either. I guess I'm just not in the mood. So I guess I'll stop. Whatever. *shrugs*


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