Jan. 14th, 2014

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As I was watching the season premiere of Switched at Birth today, I realized something. It's not very meaningful or very important but I realized I missed watching a TV show that is set in LA. I mean something that is set in LA and filmed there as well... It's remarkable that despite many of the TV shows I watch being filmed in LA are actually set somewhere else... I mean, I lived in NYC -- I can tell the difference between the real thing and a studio lot in LA...

And then there are the shows that are filmed in Vancouver or Toronto (although I've noticed the latter usually is a [better] stand in for NYC) that are never set in Vancouver or Toronto. Or maybe I just get to see the ones that aren't because I'm an American watching TV in the US so the networks here only want shows not set in Canadian cities?

Anyway, I digress. I miss having a TV show that uses LA as another character, the way NYC is most definitely a character in practically anything set in NYC. And thinking about that, I really miss NUMB3RS. It was set in LA, filmed in LA. It was a procedural but had humor and good development in personal relationships, family was a big part of the show, it mixed science and math with action and police work... God, it had it all. No wonder I go back and rewatch those episodes so often... But what I would really like a show like it to have taken its place...and so far I haven't found it yet. :\

Maybe I should just go and give NCIS: LA another shot. If I'm missing LA, why not watch the NCIS that is actually set there as opposed to being filmed there (seriously, who is NCIS fooling? I've see those same locations double as NYC and they fail at that and as DC)? I gave it an episode and it just didn't interest me... Typically I do four episodes but I did the backdoor pilot (which was a two parter) and the first episode so that's technically three episodes, right? Maybe I should have given it another episode, or another three to do it justice before I gave up on it. I mean, I wrote off NCIS after its backdoor pilot in JAG (which I loved). And I liked NCIS once it got going... Maybe NCIS: LA is supposed to be the same...

Still, I can't help but feel like some of the characters are a bit...odd... But then again, some of the characters on NCIS are a bit odd too...

Maybe I will give it a second chance. But probably not now that the winter hiatus has ended and shows are coming back. I have more TV to watch than I have time for... Doesn't help that I found out there was a sequel to Triumph in the Skies and now am working my way through the 41 episodes already aired... But it's good. And bad. But it's TVB and while there's a fair amount of Cantonese I don't understand, there's also a lot more English than I'm used to in a TVB drama... That I can handle. It's when they're speaking Mandarin that throws me since I don't understand much outside of "thank you." And they seem to be taking regular trips to Taiwan in the show so yay, Mandarin that I can't understand and subtitles in Chinese so I can't even read that...

Ugh, I'm exhausted... I stayed up super late reading Stargate SG-1 fics (my first fandom and Jack/Daniel, of course -- my second slash pairing), and it just reminded me how I much I used to love SG-1 and how I need to have Continuum in my grasp... I don't know why I never bought that DVD since I have Ark of Truth, why wouldn't I have Continuum? Besides, I always like Continuum better, even if it was super depressing... They fixed it all at the end though, they always do. I'm gonna have to go and get on that...


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